PlayStation 4 owners who happen to be fans of the “Trine” series are in for a treat, as the PlayStation Blog has announced that “Trine 3”from developer Frostbyte, will be coming to the current-gen console this month. While no specific date was given for the game, the article states that the platformer will be coming before the holiday season.

Like in previous games of the series “Trine 3” continues with its three-character mechanic, letting players control a wizard, a knight and a thief. Each character has their own use in the game, whether it is for puzzles or combat, so players will have to master their skills to get through the various levels in the game.

The story for “Trine 3” is an interesting one, as it actually has the three characters getting tired of the powers they’ve had since the first game. They try returning their powers to the Trine, but end up meddling with things they don’t understand, leading to an evil sorcerer escaping and a broken Trine artifact guiding them through the levels.

Some gamers might find it refreshing, seeing characters with unbelievable power getting tired of their unique abilities. It’s a rare thing to see in most mediums of storytelling, especially in video games where numerous sequels usually await a title.

Since this is a sequel, fans can expect a number of new gameplay features in “Trine 3.” One of the newer aspects of the third game is that it has complete 3D gameplay, whereas the other two games mostly stuck with 2D, while having 3D graphics.

Gematsu has confirmed that the game will have seven story chapters to go through and 11 Lost Pages to find. The Lost Pages will require players to rely on their wits, as these will involve plenty of puzzles to solve on their part.

With three-player multiplayer and full HD support, it looks like “Trine 3” could be a fun holiday purchase. Whether it’s as good as the first two games is something fans will have to wait and see, but those that want to play an action-packed platformer may want to check “Trine 3” out.

Trine 3: The Artifact of Power Exclusive Gameplay Video (Credit: YouTube/IGN)