“True Blood” has been leaving its viewers with jaw-dropping moments for the past five seasons, and season six has been proving to be no different. With new threats, new love and new developments, the current season of HBO’s hit vampire series has been nonstop with drama -- and the remaining five episodes will definitely leave fans hungry for season seven.

During the “True Blood” panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego Saturday, showrunner Brian Buckner released an almost 2-minute-long trailer for the final five episodes of season six. “You’re going to feel that the show is returning to its roots,” Buckner said of the series. “We’re going to try to condense the number of stories we’re telling and really make this feel like we’re coming home.” And, judging by the insanity in the trailer, everything is really going to hit the fan by the season finale on Aug. 18.


Still set to come this season is the much-buzzed-about “major death.” While the trailer doesn’t reveal who the unfortunate character is, the video does preview a funeral.

“Death ain’t the end anymore,” Sookie says shakily. “Death is just a pit stop on a road that keeps on going.”

Dressed in a black dress, Sookie appears ready to speak to those attending the funeral. And since it’s daylight out, we’re assuming that the major death is not that of a vampire. If this is the case, it means that Jason, Terry, Arlene, Andy, Sam, Lafayette or Alcide could potentially be biting the dust this season -- or maybe coming back in another form.

As for Warlow, the trailer has Sookie telling someone, “I have these feelings for you that I don’t want to have.” But she follows it up with something rather harsh: “I’d rather walk this earth as a corpse than spend another minute thinking about you.”

Watch the “True Blood” Comic-Con trailer below or check out our breakdown of the shenanigans in the last five episodes of season six.

(0:10) -- Eric ends up handcuffed in a metal cage.

(0:12) -- Portia Belfleur returns, possibly for the funeral (she is a lawyer).

(0:17) -- Sam and Nicole are still hooking up.

(0:19) -- Ginger is still screaming her head off.

(0:21) -- Jessica is hooking up with a sexy, long-haired vampire -- possibly James, prominently mentioned by TVLine

(0:22) -- Ben potentially saves Sookie from being drowned by a possessed Lafayette.

(0:27) -- Steve Newlin is crying.

(0:32) -- Alcide catches up to Sam and Nicole.

(0:36) -- Rikki slaps Nicole.

(0:43) -- Warlow uses his faerie powers on someone or something.

(0:51) -- Sarah Newlin is bloody -- whether with her blood or someone else’s.

(1:04) -- Pam, Tara, Nora, Steve and Jessica all find themselves in the room Bill had a premonition about.

(1:08) -- Warlow is tied up in the faerie world.

(1:10) -- Bill attacks Warlow and drinks some blood.

(1:15) -- A breach at the vampire camp occurs.

(1:17) -- Tara protects Jason from a room full of vampires.

(1:29) -- Sarah Newlin attacks a woman and throws her against a glass window.

(1:31) -- Jason gets bit by a vampire.

(1:35) -- Sookie’s mouth is covered in blood.

(1:35) -- Bill is lying on the floor of the camp with burns and covered in blood.