The situation at the vampire camp is about to get a little more serious in episode six of “True Blood.” A trailer for “Don’t You Feel Me” has been released, and it appears that Governor Burrell is ready to play some games with the vampire inmates.

Episode five, “F*** The Pain Away,” concluded with Eric being placed in a room in front of Governor Burrell at the vampire camp. Able to finally face the man that turned his daughter into a vampire, Burrell’s girlfriend, Sarah Newlin, had another surprise in store -- Eric has to fight another vampire to the death … and that other vampire is his progeny, Pam.

Tension has been high between Pam and Eric for the past few seasons. But what “True Blood” fans will remember is that both Eric and Tara fearlessly marched right into the hands of the LAVTF upon learning that Pam had been taken captive.

However, Pam doesn’t know that, and after an interesting chat in “therapy,” the vampire is none too pleased to see her maker.

“You made another vampire?” a visually distraught Pam questions Eric of Willa. “I did,” Eric responds menacingly. With stakes in hand and harsh words being exchanged, Governor Burrell is giddy with excitement over seeing a showdown between Eric and Pam.

The trailer continues with a clip of Burrell seeing his daughter, Willa, within the walls of the vampire camp. Telling Sarah Newlin that he can’t just give up on his daughter, Burrell tells Willa that he prays that “we can fix you.” But Will isn’t grateful for his help. “Now you’re playing God?” she questions him.

Jason decides he’s not leaving Jessica’s fate in God’s hands, and heads off to enlist in the LAVTF in order to get a chance to free his former vampire beau. A previously distracted Bll ialso realizes that his progeny is gone and begins to realize that his vision is “happening.” Seeking help and guidance from Lilith, Bill seeks her out and tells her in the video that “everything going on here is all on you.” But Lilith disagrees. “No, it is all on you,” she tells Bill.

Meanwhile, the camp gets violent as a vampire gets burned right in front of a scared Jessica, and Eric spies Steve Newlin through a tiny hole in a blood-covered window. Watch the trailer for “Don’t You Feel Me” below, and catch up on some more episode six spoilers by clicking HERE. Missed episode five, “F*** The Pain Away?” Read a recap HERE.

New episodes of “True Blood” air on HBO on Sundays at 9 p.m. Episode six, “Don’t You Feel Me,” premieres on Sunday, July 21.