“True Blood” returned last week, bringing with it new drama, romance and frightening new foes. The HBO vampire drama will continue with its sixth season on Sunday, June 23 with episode two, “The Sun.”

As the International Business Times previously reported, the residents of Bon Temps have a lot more to fear than new vampire God Billith. The premiere episode also introduced an angry new villain – a politician named Governor Truman Burrell. While a human has never evoked fear in the supernatural before, Governor Burrell seems to have a trick up his sleeve … a new weapon.

After announcing that no vampires in the state of Louisiana could be business owners, Fangtasia is raided. When the police stick a gun in Pam’s face, her prodigy (and lover?), Tara, steps in to defend her. However what neither vampire realize is that the humans have developed a weapon that is able to harm them.

An initial promo video for episode two, “The Sun,” shows Tara screaming in pain as Pam holds her tight. “Oh, my god,” she cries out. “Jesus, it’s burning.” While the pain and dangerousness of the new weapon was definitely evident, viewers didn’t get a good look at it … until a new clip leaked.

“Humans are fighting back,” Nora says, amazed. “What did you expect? That’d they just lie there and f***ing take it?” asks Pam.

“They’ve never fought back before, have they?” Nora fires back angrily.

While the girls bicker, Eric is studying a blue glowing thing … presumably the same piece that was shot inside Tara’s chest and caused so much pain. “I’m not scared of humans,” he tells the group.

“I have never been either,” Pam says to Eric hysterically. “But that was before I saw Tara baking like a god**** rotisserie. Maybe we should be scared. There’s more of them than us. And they’re pissed. And now they have f***in’ weapons. And they stole all my sh*t.”

But while Pam may be fearing what lies ahead for vampires, Eric is playing it cool. “If the humans want war, we’ll give them war,” he says.

Ep. 62 Clip - This Means War