True Blood
Bill will see the light of Lilith in episode two, "The Sun." HBO/ Screen shot

“True Blood” returned to HBO for its sixth season on Sunday, June 16, and boy, did it pack the drama. Between the rise of Billith, Jason’s encounter with Warlow, and humans declaring war on the vampires, season six is already shaping up to be pretty epic -- and pretty deadly.

So, what can viewers expect when episode two, “The Sun,” airs on Sunday, June 23? We’re breaking down the preview video.


Episode one ended with four bloody, naked Liliths rushing into Bill’s body. Presumably now possessed by the original vampire, Lilith will be opening his eyes to a whole new world -- one that involves sunlight. “It is beginning,” a finally clothed Lilith tells Bill in what appears to be a dream. “You must complete my work.”

What exactly is the work that must be completed? We’re not 100 percent sure, but it’s probably not good for the human race.

New Weapons

“Oh, my god,” Tara screams in pain as Pam holds her tight. “Jesus, it’s burning.” Viewers will remember that Tara got in the way of a dangerous new weapon when humans busted into Fangtasia to enforce the no-business rule for vampires.

The bad news is that we still don’t know exactly what the weapons will do to vampires. The good news is that Pam generally seems concerned for her progeny.

Eric’s Set Up

The preview for “The Sun” shows Eric sitting down with Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell, but their conversation doesn't seem to go well. Eric quickly becomes surrounded by the Governor’s bodyguards and is escorted out of his home. “If the humans want war, we’ll give them war,” Eric warns.

New Faerie In Town

“I’m sick of being different,” says Sookie. “Sick of all the pain.” Fortunately she’ll be able to share her pain with another half faerie, Ben.

Pack Problems

The pack master power really seems to have gone to Alcide’s head. Despite being on friendly terms with Sam, he's at odds with him over Emma after Luna’s death. “We all want what’s best for Emma,” Alcide growls at Sam. “I gave Luna my word,” Sam tells Alcide. With a quick punch to the face, Sam is left on the floor while Emma is carted off by the wolf pack.


“True Blood” viewers learned that the mysterious man who picked up Jason on the side of the road in the season premiere was Warlow. When Jason pulled a gun on him, he quickly disappeared, but it seems he couldn’t stay away for long. The two come face-to-face outside of the car, with Jason drawing his gun at Warlow, yelling “Prepare to meet your maker.”

You can watch the trailer video for “The Sun” below. Catch season six, episode two of “True Blood” when it airs on HBO on Sunday, June 23, at 9 p.m.