True Blood
The season six premiere of "True Blood" aired on Sunday, June 16. HBO

“True Blood” is back! The hit HBO series premiered its first episode of season six on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT. So what happened in “Who Are You, Really?”

“True Blood” kicks off where season five left off, with the whole gang fleeing the Authority headquarters. Unfortunately, not everyone makes it out alive. Eric, Sookie, Nora, Tara, Pam, Jessica and Jason manage to escape the building before it explodes. Luna, Sam and Emma manage to avoid the explosion as well – but Luna dies outside, too badly injured from her last shift into Steve Newlin.

Running from a new powerful Bill (who can shoot off into the sky “like a naked evil superman”), Eric, Sookie, Nora, Tara, Pam, Jessica and Jason drive off and learn that Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell has declared war on the vampires in the state. Enforcing a statewide vampire curfew that will force them to remain indoors or underground after sundown, Burrell then drops a doozy – he's closing down all vampire-run businesses.

Tension is definitely high in the group. Pam and Eric are at odds after he tells her that Nora is his sister. Jason is still bent on killing vampires, and Jessica is extremely distraught that Bill is now Billith. “Whatever that thing is, it’s not Bill,” Sookie tells Jessica. “I think we have to let him go.” That’s not going to be too easy for Jessica, though.

While the group tries to figure out what to do about Billith, Nora figures out one piece of the puzzle – Warlow. “Who the f*** is Warlow?” Eric asks Nora. (Don’t we all want to know.) Glamouring Jason to get what little information on Warlow he has, Jason snaps out of it and pulls a wooden bullet gun on Nora. “I’m sick of you blood suckers brain raping me,” he yells at her.

Sookie jumps in between Jason and Nora, and that’s the last straw for Jason. Tired of Sookie choosing vampires over him, he walks off on his own. Tired and covered in blood, he manages to stop a car and get a ride toward Bon Temps. Unfortunately, no one ever told him the dangers of hitchhiking.

With Jason gone, the gang gets a surprise – Bill is summoning Jessica. Just like watching Bill fly away, the group learns one more of Billith’s new tricks when Eric tries to stop Jessica from leaving and she begins vomiting blood and screaming in pain. “It feels like his fist is squeezing my heart,” she yelps.

Bent on protecting Jessica, Sookie tells Eric that she's taking her to Bill with or without him. Eric sends Tara and Pam back to Fangtasia, and follows Sookie with Nora.

When Sookie and Jessica get back to Bill’s mansion, they find him cleaned up and clothed on his porch. Asking them to talk, he’s swiftly attacked by Eric and Nora. Casually throwing Nora off, Bill is strangling Eric when Sookie stakes Bill from behind. But while a normal vampire would've met the true death, Bill just pulled it. “Now can we talk?” he asks the group. “I am no monster. I do not wish any of you harm. If you force me to defend myself again you will be sorry.”

The group asks what he is and Bill gives a simple response. “I am Bill Compton. But clearly I am something more. I see that now,” he explains. “I see everything so differently now.”

Promising them that the man who put the fear in their eyes is gone, Sookie tells him that if he’s telling the truth that he should leave them alone and leave town for good. But in a surprising move, Jessica defends Bill. Deciding to stay with him, she sends Sookie, Eric and Nora off the property.

While Nora disposes of their getaway car, Eric walks Sookie home. Letting him into her home, it seems like some sexual tension is brewing between them. “You staked him to save me,” Eric says to Sookie. “I never expected that from you.” Asking for a pen and paper, Eric stabs himself with the pen to write a note giving Sookie back the deed to her house. “Its not much but it’s the least I could do,” he tells her. “Stay away from Bill.”

Sookie promises she will and in a twist rescinds Eric’s invitation from her house. “I want my life back,” she tells him, and it appears he has no hard feelings.

Meanwhile, Bill and Jessica are reconnecting. “I don’t know what I am,” Bill tells Jessica. “I need you now more than ever … I need you to keep me honest. To tell me how it is. Surviving a staking is some pretty heavy sh*t. You’re the only one I can trust.”

Tucking Jessica in, Bill heads downstairs where he gets painful flashes and hears voices. Walking toward the voices, he heads into his office to see four Liliths standing before him … until they all rush into his body.

Vampire Billith drama isn’t the only thing going on in the Bon Temps area.

Alcide And The Wolf Pack

Alcide is completing the steps to becoming the new Shreveport packmaster – which includes him biting a chunk of flesh off of the deceased former packmaster, J.D.

Basking in the new power that comes with being a packmaster, Alcide accepts some sweet loving from a wolf named Danielle. Unfortunately for him, he’s caught by his girlfriend, Rikki. But while a normal girlfriend would be unhappy with catching her man with another woman, Rikki takes a different approach. Grabbing Danielle, Rikki begins to kiss her … and then shoves her on her knees in front of Alcide. “I’m your number one bitch,” Rikki tells Alcide.

Andy And His Faerie Babies

In the faeries world, Andy is struggling to deal with his “litter of alien babies.” The good news is that he has the help of Terry and Arlene. The bad news is that they're aging at ridiculous speeds – think overnight growth from infants to toddlers.

Sam And Emma Post Luna

As for Sam and Emma, he brings her back to Merlotte’s and finds Lafayette “holding down the fort.” With Luna’s transformation to Steve Newlin all over the news, Sam asks Lafayette not to tell anyone that he saw him and Emma.

The True Blood Factories

Despite declaring war on vampires earlier in the evening, Governor Truman Burrell met with one of the heads of Tru Blood to talk about a “silent partnership.” With the terrorist attacks on the Tru Blood factories, Burrell offers up the use of an old ice tea bottling plant free of charge. Declaring to just want to get the vampires back to the peaceful beings they were, he also explains that he needs revenue to be reelected. Tru Blood ends up taking him up on his offer.

Tara And Pam Problems

Upset that Eric never told her about Nora, Pam takes out her anger on a consoling Tara. After their epic kiss in the season five finale, Pam tells Tara that “this isn’t going to be some epic f***ing love story.” Their argument gets interrupted when the police barge into Fangtasia to enforce Governor Burrell’s new policy of no vampire-owned businesses. With laser guns pointed on both Pam and Tara, Tara jumps into protect her maker – and gets shot.

Jason’s Mysterious Driver

Getting picked up by a mysterious driver, Jason begins to tell him his whole life story, including that his sister's ex-boyfriend just turned into some “evil vampire god like thing” and that he feels like “that little gay boy from that movie – ‘I see dead people.’”

Jason’s shocked when the driver tells him that he “cannot keep Warlow away from Sookie.” And when Jason asks how he knows about his sister and Warlow, the man responds, “Who the hell do you think I am, Jason?”

Pulling out his gun, Jason goes to shoot the man, but he disappears into thin air – leaving Jason in the passenger seat of a runaway car.

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