True Blood
Lafayette becomes possessed by Sookie's dead dad in episode 5 of "True Blood." HBO

Episode five of “True Blood,” “F*** The Pain Away,” kicks off where episode four left off -- with Sookie confronting Warlow/Ben -- and it’s definitely not where fans thought it was going!

The Reason Behind The Death Of Sookie’s Parents

Sookie threatens Warlow with her ball of light, but Warlow promises her that he won’t hurt her. Instead, he insists that he’s been searching for her, and has been miserable without her. Telling her that he loves her, Sookie fires back, asking why he killed her parents if he loves her. Warlow’s answer? He saved her from her parents because they were trying to kill her!

Jessica’s Feeding Frenzy

Bill comes upstairs to find Jessica surrounded by the bodies of Andy’s dead faerie daughters. Upset over accidentally draining them, Jessica begs Bill for forgiveness … and then tries to hook up with him.

Warlow’s Connection To Lilith

Angry over what Warlow told her, Sookie blasts the faerie vampire with a little bit of her light – and it turns out that Warlow can heal pretty quickly. But it’s not just Warlow who got a blast of Sookie’s light, Bill also experienced the same pain.

Bill recognized the pain to be coming from Lilith’s progeny, Warlow, and speeds on over to Sookie’s house. Angry to see Bill, Sookie throws it back in his face that he told her she was dead to him. But Bill tells her that he didn’t come here for her … “I came for you,” he said, pointing to Warlow.

Not realizing that Bill drank Lilith’s blood, Warlow threatens to kill Bill, but Bill surprises him when he tells Warlow, “As your maker, I command you. Come with me.”

Andy’s Gruesome Discovery

Putting two-and-two together, Andy heads to Bill’s house to search for his daughters. With Bill at Sookie’s and Jessica hiding, Andy walks into Bill’s house to find his daughters dead on the floor – but one of them gasps for breathe. Taking his one barely alive daughter out of the house, he rushes her back to the police station where he feeds her some V.

Vampire Camp’s Newest Inmates

After watching Pam being taken by the authorities, Tara finds Eric to tell him the bad news. Although Pam and Eric’s relationship has been strained for the past few seasons, Eric and Tara (without a second thought) surrender themselves to the vampire SWAT team.

Inside the camp, vampires are being subjected to some unusual torture. Some have their fangs pulled out, others are placed on a hamster wheel, some are forced to have sex, and others, -- like Eric – are placed inside a room with racquet balls. Meanwhile, Pam gets an interesting form of torture when she’s placed in vampire therapy and awarded by talking with human blood. Viewers also learn that she’s a “level one,” which means the authorities are interested in her “intellectually.”

An Interesting Reunion

After shooting Governor Burrell’s daughter, Willa, Sarah Newlin decides to drop another bomb on Burrell – she wants a baby! But while Sarah wants to move on, Burrell tells her that he can’t just give up on his daughter.

Angry that Burrell turned her down, Sarah turns to someone else – Jason! Showing up at his house, the pair hook up, but the night doesn’t end well. Jason awakes to a pounding at his door and finds an upset Jessica who believes that Bill is the devil. When Sarah discovers Jason has a vampire girlfriend, she calls the LAVTF on her, and Jessica gets carted off to camp.

How Warlow Came To Be

Thanks to Lilith’s memories, “True Blood” viewers learn that in 3500 B.C. Ben was a human … until meeting Lilith. Running into her one night by the water, Lilith tells him that he’s destined to save the vampire kind.

“You made me something I despise, “ Warlow tells Billith. “I made you into our salvation,” Billith counters.

Terry’s Offer

Still struggling since the death of Patrick, Terry calls up his old friend Justin from the Marine Corp. But Terry doesn’t want to catch up on old times, he wants someone to kill him – and Justin agrees to do it. Asking for a couple of days to get his affairs in order, Justin promises that his death will come as a surprise.

Lafayette’s Possession

Yet to be possessed this season, Lafayette broke that streak when he agreed to help Sookie reach out to her dead parents. Able to channel them, a flashback reveals all the answers Sookie wanted since talking to Warlow earlier.

The flashback reveals that her parents initially thought she was “just weird like her grandfather,” and not a faeries. Warlow came to them to explain what she was, and to show them the contract promising her to him. “I’m a prince, I’ll make Sookie a princess,” he tells her parents. “She’ll never have to fear death,” he continues, saying he will make her into a vampire. “I will protect her, forever.”

Sookie’s parents weren't happy with Warlow’s proposition, but he told them that with or without her blessing he would come back for Sookie when she was of age. Instead of waiting for that to happen, Sookie’s dad decided to put her in the trunk of their family car and drive her to the bridge to kill her, which is why Warlow killed them.

Upset with what she learned, things get even crazier when Sookie’s dad possesses Lafayette. Yelling at his daughter for already falling in love with Warlow, Lafayatte throws Sookie in the trunk of her car … just like in the flashback.

The Governor’s Payback

Discovering that Eric is now in the camp, the Governor gets to face the vampire that turned his daughter. Telling Eric that Willa is in the camp, Eric is shocked that he would do that to his own daughter.

But thanks to Sarah (and Steve) Newlin, Burrell can finally get his revenge. Placed in a room, Eric is given a stake to fight another vampire to the death … and that vampire is Pam.

Episode five, “F*** The Pain Away,” ends with Jason joining the LAVTF to free Jess, and a flashback revealing that Warlow killed Lilith.