“True Blood” is almost over. Season six of the HBO vampire drama is coming to a close on Sunday, and while fans might not be ready to say goodbye, the episode is bound to be killer (no, seriously … blood will be spilled). Details about episode 10, “Radioactive,” have been kept hush-hush, but viewers can feast on two sneak peek clips that have leaked online.

[Click HERE to watch the sneak peek videos of episode 10, “Radioactive.”]

Thanks to a previously released synopsis, we know that Jason will feel a “vampire attraction firsthand,” Bill will find that “salvation isn’t free,” Sookie will have to consider her future with Warlow, and a new crisis will pose a threat to humans and vampires alike.

Episode 10 picks up after Terry’s funeral, and Sookie will find herself walking through the cemetery with Alcide. Although the pair have been separated by some issues this season (wolf pack problems for Alcide and Warlow shenanigans for Sookie), they easily transition from acquaintances into old friends.

In the sneak peek video, Sookie tells the wolf that she’s worried about Jason. “There’s nothing you can do,” he says, trying to make her feel better. “I know you’re worried about him. Some guys you meet them… you just know they’re going to be ok – Survivors. Jason’s one of those guys. You know that, right?”

Looking at the second sneak peek video, Alcide appears to have hit the nail on the head. The “Radioactive” clip shows the freed prison vampires dancing around Bill’s yard in the daylight while Violet feeds off a seemingly willing Jason. Although Eric fed Jason his blood in episode nine, it’s actually Violet that Jason is craving.

“Remember how you said the day was going to come where I was going to want to have sex with you?” he asks the alpha vampire. “What if that day has already come?”

“Not yet,” Violet responds. But Jason’s desperate for some loving. “Little by little we’ll get there,” she assures him, offering him her blood. Hesitant to drink from her, Violet forcefully yells for him to take it … and he does.

Their feeding is interrupted though when Sookie finally finds her brother. “Hey, Sook!” Jason says, excited. But Violet isn’t as happy to see her. “Who the f*ck is she?” she asks as her fangs come out.

“Whoa, that’s my sister!” Jason says, defending Sookie. But Violet’s still on the defense, countering by telling him, “You never mentioned anything about having a sister.”

Confused by who Violet is and her territorial nature, Sookie asks what’s going on. Reassured that she is Jason’s sister, Violet puts her fangs away and tells the half-faerie that she’s her sister too then. Walking towards Sookie, Violet grabs her face and they start kissing.

“Sookie -- meet Violet,” Jason says, unfazed.  “She’s European.”

[Click HERE to watch the sneak peek videos of episode 10, “Radioactive.”]

Will the Sookie-Violet kiss really happen? Or is Jason’s mind just playing tricks on him due to the vampire blood? Only time will tell!

You can catch the season six finale of “True Blood” on Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO. What do you think will happen in episode 10, “Radioactive?” Let us know in the comments section.