Want to relive the “True Blood” series finale? We’re right there with you. The seventh and final season of the hit HBO series concluded on Sunday, Aug. 24. Fans were forced to say goodbye to a beloved character, however the series ended on a happy and peaceful note for a majority of the Bon Temps humans and supernatural creatures. Take a look back at the 5 must-see moments from Season 7 episode 10, “Thank You,” with a recap of GIFs:

[WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading unless you watched the “True Blood” series finale.]

Later Mr. Gus

Eric got exactly what he wanted. The Viking vampire is not known for playing well with others, and made that clear to Mr. Gus when he burned him alive.

Eric Jamming

Mr. Gus wasn’t the only person that Eric had to take care of. He had to stop the Yakuza before they got to Sookie. This is what happened next:

The Hamby-Fortenberry Wedding

Jessica and Hoyt decided to get married (although technically not legal in the state of Louisiana) before Bill died.

Bill’s Death

Bill wanted Sookie to use her last faerie ball light to kill him and end her connection to the fae world. However Sookie couldn’t do that. Instead Sookie used a stake and aided Bill in meeting the true death.

Eric And Pam’s Happily-Ever-After           

Eric and Pam got their happy ending in the “True Blood” series finale when they made bank off of their product, “New Blood.”

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