Only seven episodes of “True Blood” remain. Episode 4 of the HBO series kicked off on a somber note. After the horrifying, shocking and heartbreaking deaths in episode 3, “True Blood” brought back a handful of familiar faces in the latest installment.  Find out who returned in “Death Is Not The End”:

Jackson Hervaux

Taking a break from Bon Temps, “True Blood” took fans to Jackson, Mississippi. But unfortunately the trip wasn’t a happy one. In Jackson, Alcide’s dad, Jackson Hervaux, received a call from Sookie about his son’s death. Tearing up over losing him, he promised Sookie that he’d get to Bon Temps as soon as possible. But before he got off the phone, he offered Sookie some kind words.

“I never heard him happier,” Jackson told the half-faerie. “He loved the f*** out of you, Sookie.”

Hoyt Fortenberry

Hoyt Fortenberry has been missing in action for quite some time. “True Blood” viewers will remember that he moved to Anchorage, Alaska after he asked Jessica to compel him to forget about her and Jason. While fans haven’t heard from him in some time, Jason was forced to make the call to Hoyt to break the news about his mother’s death.

Because of Jessica, Hoyt doesn’t know who Jason is when he makes the call. However Hoyt tells Jason that he’s returning to town to say goodbye to his mother.

The Magister

Russell Edgington killed the Magister in Season 3 of “True Blood,” however he made a return via flashback in episode 4. While Pam and Eric were on a flight to Baton Rouge, Eric made plans to change their destination to Shreveport. Pam wasn’t happy to return to the home of Fangtasia, however the decision to go back triggered a flashback to 1986.

After the brutal events in France, the Authority forced Pam and Eric back the states – specifically to Shreveport, Louisiana. The Magister brought the duo to a video rental store (that would later turn into Fangtasia) and revealed that their “sentencing” was to run the small business, giving 80% of profits to the Authority.

But that wasn’t the only thing the Magister did. He also made Eric a Sheriff … so that the Authority could keep tabs on him.

Coby And Lisa Fowler

Coby and Lisa, Arlene’s kids from her first husband, have been on “True Blood” since Season 1. The children were never major players, but had minor appearances throughout the past couple of seasons.

In “Death Is Not The End,” Sookie checked in on Arlene’s kids at Andy’s house. She promised the two that she would help get their mother home.


Turns out that Ginger has known Pam and Eric since 1986 – before they came out of the coffin. Ginger, who was a mousy brunette college student who loved monsters, stopped by the video store to rent a movie on vampires for one of her classes. However after she set eyes on Eric, she decided to apply for a job as the day shift cashier at the store.

By 2006 – when vampires were finally out of the closet – Ginger had morphed into the sexy blonde Goth that “True Blood” viewers know and love. While Pam had initially claimed Fangtasia to be her idea, she finally revealed to Eric via flashback that the idea had been Ginger’s.

Since vampires were out in the open, Ginger told Pam that they didn’t need to hide behind a video store. Instead they could turn the place into a nightclub with Eric sitting in the back on a throne … because sex sells and Eric is “pure sex on a throne.”

When Ginger pitched the name Fangtasia, Pam decided to compel her to forget and took the idea for her own.


Arlene was taken by the Hep-V vampires before Sookie’s gang could get everyone out of Fangtasia safely. Drained of nearly all her blood before Sookie could help, Arlene started calling out Terry’s name as she began to slip away. Sookie tried to tell her that Terry wasn’t there, however when she took a look inside Arlene’s mind she discovered that Terry really was appearing in front of Arlene.

“There you are, doll,” ghost Terry said to Arlene. And while he wanted to be reunited with her, he told her that she should stay and “be happy.”

BONUS: Jesus Velasquez

Jesus, Lafayette’s boyfriend, was killed in Season 4 when Lafayette became possessed. Since dying, he appeared as a ghost (or head) a handful of times. While he didn’t show up in episode 4, Lafayette did make a reference to him.

In a conversation with Jessica, Lafayette tried to make her feel better about her involvement in the murder of Andy’s three children by admitting that he killed the man he loved.

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