Only seven episodes remain in the seventh and final season of “True Blood.” While the countdown to the end might be heartbreaking, the final episodes will definitely be jam-packed with “OMG” moments and jaw-dropping revelations. Episode 4, “Death Is Not The End,” will air on HBO on Sunday, July 13 -- and after the shocking events in episode 3, fans will definitely not want to miss it.

According to the synopsis for episode 4, “True Blood” viewers can look forward to seeing Bon Temps in shambles after the latest attack on the town. Sam, Sookie and Jason will find themselves “the bearers of bad news” in not only the town, but “beyond.”

Fans will remember that episode 3 concluded with the Hep-V vamps leaving Fangtasia to hunt for more food. Unfortunately for them, their plan to kidnap and prey on more innocent people backfired. Sookie had set a trap to find the location of the lair, but her army of loved ones -- Bill, Alcide, Sam, Jason, Andy and Violet -- ended up slaughtering every Hep-V in the vicinity.

While it’s unclear what the bad news may be, fans can’t forget that the group previously discovered the town of St. Alice had been slain by the infected and tossed in a mass grave. Could they possibly be breaking the news to the rest of the Bon Temps residents? Or are there more bad things brewing?

As Bon Temps crumbles, Eric’s health will continue to falter. But fortunately he has something to keep him going -- the desire to come face-to-face with Sarah Newlin again. Pam will be by her maker’s side and think back to the events that “led her and Eric to Shreveport and Fangtasia.”

Meanwhile, Bill and Jessica will get nourishment from “unexpected sources” -- which is definitely important because Jessica stopped healing in episode 3. Could those “unexpected sources” be Adilyn, Andy or Holly?

“True Blood” fans can also look forward to seeing Sookie take charge on a new lead to find the Hep-V vampires. Enlisting a band of vampires and humans, the half-faerie will be doing all she can to find the infected and those being held captive.

Episode 4 of “True Blood” will air on HBO on Sunday, July 13, at 9 p.m. EDT. Do you think Arlene and Nicole will return home in episode 4 of “True Blood”? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.