HBO is completely cruel to end episode 2 of “True Blood” with a major bombshell. Fans of the hit series will have to wait a week to find out what will happen next, but fortunately we’ve got our hands on a (very brief) synopsis that may be able to hold you over.

According to the released synopsis, episode 3, “Fire in the Hole,” will find Sookie hatching a “dangerous plan.” After her nighttime stroll through the cemetery to Bill’s home in episode 2, a “dangerous plan” doesn’t really come as a surprise.

While we’re not exactly sure what Sookie has up her sleeves, fans will remember that she showed up at Bill’s to ask if he could still feel her if she ran into trouble. Bill didn’t answer her, but we have a feeling that some blood exchange between the former lovers might go down next week – and we’d hate to be in Alcide’s path when he finds out.

The third episode of the seventh and final season will also feature Pam and Eric. After months of speculating about his fate, “True Blood” fans finally learned that the Viking vampire didn’t completely burn up while naked in the Swedish sun. Pam finally found her maker at some sort of brothel in France, and while he was alive, he was unfortunately not well.

When Pam set her eyes on him she discovered that he was lying down and weak. With dark veins sprouting up from his chest, it appeared as if he had somehow contracted the deadly Hep-V virus.

The episode ended with a frightened look on Pam’s face, but the strong vampire isn’t one to give up. Episode 3 will find her trying to motivate Eric. Whether she’s trying to motivate him to get help, or return to Louisiana (or both!) remains a mystery for now.

Episode 3 of “True Blood” will air on Sunday, July 6 at 9 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in “Fire in the Hole”? Watch the promo video below and tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.