“True Blood” fans rejoice! Everyone’s favorite Viking vampire, Eric, has been missing in action since he burst into flames during the Season 6 finale, however he made his triumphant return to the HBO series in episode 2. And it was just as amazing as viewers hoped for.

Episode 2, “I Found You,” kicked off with Eric waltzing through an elegant mansion … with Jason behind him.

 “You found me,” Eric said, acknowledging Sookie’s brother.

“You didn’t make it easy,” Jason responded.

While it’s not clear where the two are or why Jason sought out Eric, things begin to heat up pretty quickly. Eric asked Jason about Violet, and the human responded that while he’s crazy about her … he can’t get Eric out of his head. And if that wasn’t wild enough, Eric told him that he’s only felt that way in return twice in his thousand years of existence.

Sorry, “True Blood” fans. Eric wasn’t exactly found … he was just a key player in Jason’s vamp blood sex dream (that he was having while sitting in church)!

Bon Temps is in serious trouble after the attack on Bellefleur’s. While they managed to make it to daylight, no one knows what to do next – especially since the government seems to have left them on their own. Andy’s out of ideas on how to proceed, but Sookie’s got an idea that could potentially shed some light on what’s happening and how to stop it. Revealing that she stumbled across a body in the woods the night before, Sookie told Sam and Andy that the mysterious young girl’s town could hold answers to their problems. Since it’s the only plan they got, they decided to give it a shot.

Andy left Adilyn with Holly’s two sons and headed off with Alcide, Sookie and Jason to investigate the body. While animals gnawed off the girl’s fingers, her wallet revealed that she’s from the neighboring town of Saint Alice. Andy and Sam tried to get in touch with officials, but when no one answered they decide to take a ride over.

As Alcide, Sookie, Jason and Andy went to explore Saint Alice, the rest of the residents were trying to do some good before nightfall. Only problem is that evil always seems to out do good in Bon Temps.

While Lettie Mae told her husband that she wanted to check on Lafayette, she had ulterior motives to reconnect with Tara. Lafayette thought that his aunt wanted him to summon Tara, however Lettie Mae wanted something else … V-blood. Despite her attempt to explain that Tara’s spirit needs her help before heading up to heaven, Lafayette refused to help.

Lettie Mae decided to take a different, more drastic measure to get reunited with her daughter. Severely burning her hand on purpose, Lettie Mae woke Willa up to get some of her blood. And while Willa was initially hesitant about going against the Reverend’s words, she eventually caved and gave her blood to Lettie Mae. But Willa should have went with her first instincts. Lettie Mae began to hallucinate immediately, picturing Tara on a cross with a yellow snake wrapped around her. While Tara initially seemed to be whispering something to her mother, her words became unclear, leading Lettie Mae to yell out “I need the answers.”

At Bellefleur’s bar a large group of townsfolk – including Adilyn and Holly’s sons – decided to help Arlene out by cleaning up the bar. However their efforts get dropped in a heartbeat when Vince and his gang of vigilantes convince everyone that Sam is really a dog and that they must protect the town themselves. Mrs. Fortenberry’s discovery of bodies in the walk-in freezer is the last straw – leading everyone to panic and begin making stakes out of whatever wood they can find.

Thanks to Adilyn’s faerie abilities she learned that the stakes wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the angry crowd. Taking one of Holly’s sons with her, Adilyn ran to the police station to warn Kenya that a group was coming for the station’s guns.

While Kenya believed her, it was unfortunately too late. The mob attacked the police station and convinced Kenya to hand over the guns. But Kenya took things to another level when she decided to handcuff Adilyn … leading the young faerie to expose her powers. Afraid of everything supernatural, the town locked Adilyn and Holly’s son in a cell. Jessica felt Adilyn’s fear, however due to the sunlight couldn’t run to her aid.

While all the chaos was going down in Bon Temps, Arlene was trying to figure out a way to survive the Hep-V hostage situation. And in a surprising move, their way out actually involved one of the vampires keeping them prisoner.

Arlene and Holly realized that the “reaper” taking bodies up to the others was a woman named Mrs. Harris, a teacher who their children previously had in school. Desperate and willing to take a chance, Arlene begged Mrs. Harris for help. And while the vampire was initially reluctant, she ended up agreeing to help them escape.

As the vampires slept, Mrs. Harris snuck down to the basement to free Arlene and the others. But before she could help them escape, she warned them that she had to feed. Arlene allowed Mrs. Harris to feed on her, however things took an ugly turn. As Mrs. Harris fed, the Hep-V virus fully consumed her, and she collapsed into a puddle of guts on Arlene.

In the town of Saint Alice, Sookie and the others made a frightening discovery. The whole town was boarded up, with a mass grave holding all the former residents.

Heading over to the dead girl’s house to investigate, the group came to the conclusion (thanks to Jason’s pizza forensics) that her house was the last one the vamps hit before they headed to Bon Temps. But that’s not the only thing they discover. Sookie comes across the dead girl’s diary and discovers that their lives were very similar.

Like Sookie, the girl had fell for a vampire. While she fell hard and fast for him, their relationship eventually changed … just like Sookie and Bill’s. The girl’s vampire lover became infected by the Hep-V disease, taking him from her forever.

The group returned to Bon Temps before the sun went down, and Andy immediately discovered that his daughter wasn’t home like promised. With the sun still up, Jessica couldn’t do anything to escape from Andy’s attic. However she had a bigger problem on her hands. A bite mark she made on her arm to feed Adilyn never healed. With no other choice, Jessica decided to inform Andy of her presence, and warn him that his daughter was in danger.

As Jessica made her promise to get Adilyn home safe and sound, Alcide proposed to Sookie that they leave Bon Temps behind and keep on driving. However Sookie told him that they couldn’t do that to the others. Returning home, Sookie asked Alcide to take a shower, and used that time to sneak off to Bill’s house.

“Can you still sense my fear?” she asked her former lover. “If I got myself into some serious s***, would you be able to feel me?”

Unfortunately fans will have to wait to hear Bill’s answer. Episode 2 concluded with Pam arriving in Rhone Valley, France to search for Eric.

Walking into a building with scantily clad women, Pam finally laid eyes on her maker.

“You found me,” Eric said, acknowledging her. But unfortunately Eric is not well. While he still has all of his skin, veins can be seen on his chest … making it seem like he has been infected with Hep-V.

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