Stop everything that you're doing! HBO has released a brand-new video for the Season 7 premiere of “True Blood” and it’s absolutely amazing. Why, you ask? Because it gives fans a first look at the new (and maybe improved?) James.

For those that haven’t been following the on- and off-screen Bon Temps drama, vampire James was played by Luke Grimes in Season 6. The character was introduced at Governor Burrell’s vamp camp and quickly developed a relationship with Jessica. The last time “True Blood” viewers saw him, his band was playing at the Bellefleur’s human-vampire mixer.

Grimes pulled out of the show in late December, shortly after getting cast as Elliot Grey in the upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie. HBO said at the time that the role was being recast “due to creative direction of the character,” and a source close to the actor told TV Line that Grimes was “disappointed to learn that they were going in a completely different direction with James.”

Nathan Parsons of “Bunheads” and “The Originals” landed the role, however fans have not been able to get a good look at him in character … until now.

The HBO series released a new “Jessica’s Blog” video that features everyone’s favorite redhead in her vampire mansion bedroom. In usual Jessica fashion, the eternal teen is giddy and excited to share what’s going on in her life – including her new love, James.

“I’m James,” he simply tells Jessica’s blog viewers. “I got a band.”

“And that’s it?” Jessica teases her man.

“Well, you know,” he continued. “The guys are actually really excited to meet you because they’re starting to think I just made you up – a figment of my imagination.”

Their conversation is sweet and not too juicy, however the key thing is what James says next.

“They wanted me to tell you ‘thank you,’” James added. “For asking Arlene if we could play tonight.”

Jessica’s blog post takes place right before the human-vampire mixer at Bellefleur’s. “True Blood” viewers got a peek at the mixer during the Season 6 finale, and will return to it in the Season 7 premiere when the party is interrupted by a hoard of hep-V-infected vampires.

Watch the rest of Jessica’s video blog to see the redhead get nervous about seeing Andy and Adilyn, and James namedrop new character Keith:

Episode 1 of “True Blood” will premiere on HBO on June 22 at 9 p.m. EDT.