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"True Blood" will introduce some new faces in the season 7 premiere, "Jesus Gonna Be Here." HBO

Who is ready for season 7 of “True Blood?" A few months remain until the HBO series returns for its final season, but thanks to leaked spoilers, we know that the writers plan on introducing some fresh blood.

According to TVLine, the supernatural drama will bring on a new love interest for the recently widowed Arlene. “True Blood” fans will remember that Terry struggled with some inner demons during season 6 after killing his old friend. Instead of committing suicide, Terry ended up hiring an ex-military buddy of his to shoot him in the head. Arlene didn’t know of his plan, and had a vampire friend wipe his mind clean of any guilt. Her husband died with a clear conscience in her arms, and Arlene inherited a hefty sum of money from Terry’s life insurance policy.

The season 6 finale jumped ahead six months, with Sam Merlotte as the new mayor of Bon Temps and Arlene the owner of a successful restaurant called Bellefleur’s (formerly Merlotte’s). Bellefleur’s was hosting a barbeque to integrate Hep-V-free vampires and humans – which is where Arlene may meet her new love interest, Keith!

Keith is reportedly a “romantic vampire” who plays drums in James’ band. The band was playing at Bellefleur’s, where Sam was trying set up a program for vampires to provide protection to humans in exchange for clean blood. The finale concluded with a horde of Hep-V-infected vampires heading toward the party, and our theory is that Keith might step in to save Arlene’s life. E! Online teases that Keith will “develop quite the crush” on Arlene … but will the feelings be mutual? “True Blood” viewers will have to wait to find out.

Who will be playing Keith has yet to be announced, but the rock n’ roll vampire is not the only new face set to appear in season 7. As we previously reported, Eric is also set to get a new love interest. The lucky lady is named Sylvie, and is described as “drop-dead gorgeous" and can speak fluent French. According to a casting call, the actress to play Sylvie must be in her 20s and comfortable with full-frontal nudity.

Another new face to appear in season 7 belongs to “Bunheads” actor Nathan Parsons. And while Parsons' face will be new, he will actually be taking on the role of a familiar character – James. James was introduced in season 6 and played by “50 Shades of Grey” star Luke Grimes, but the actor decided to depart from the series after disliking the “creative direction of the character.” Parsons landed the recast, and will be taking over as Jessica’s love interest and Keith’s bandmate.

Check out a casting roundup for season 7 of “True Blood” below:

Vince – A “rabid anti-vampire vigilante” in his 40s who has “political visions.”

Lou – A blue-collar worker in his 20s who is part of Vince’s vigilante group.

Mack – A member of Vince’s vigilante group.

Proprietor – A Persian proprietor of a Moroccan bar who sets up a game of Russian roulette “for his patrons’ amusement.”

Nizor – A Persian vampire and patron/ participant at the Moroccan bar’s Russian roulette game.

Young Tara – A 10-year-old version of Rutina Wesley’s character.

Young Sookie – A 10-year-old version of Anna Paquin’s character.

Jerome – A Hep-V-infected vampire.

Sara Compton – Bill Compton’s 5-year-old daughter seen in a flashback to 1862.

Ronnie – A dangerous vampire who “devours humans.”

Troy – This mysterious character is going to be played by Brett Lorenzini and appear in the season 7 premiere, “Jesus Gonna Be Here.”

“True Blood” season 7 is set to consist of 10 episodes and is slated to premiere in summer 2014. Are you excited for some fresh blood? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.