True blood
A major "True Blood" character was killed off in the first few moments of the Season 7 premiere. HBO

“True Blood” returned to HBO for its seventh and final season on Sunday, June 22. And as promised, the hit show returned to its roots. Kicking off with the hoard of Hep-V vampires attacking the mixer at Bellefleur’s, fans heard an infected vampire ask Sookie the age old question: “What are you?”

All chaos broke loose in episode 1, “Jesus Gonna Be Here.” Clean vamps stepped up to the plate, protecting the humans and staking their own kind. But despite their best efforts to eliminate the threat upon the town, there were a lot of lives lost – including a major character.

Tara had just rekindled her relationship with her mother when the hoard showed up at the mixer. And she wasn’t ready to lose Lettie Mae. With a vampire ready to feast on her mom, Tara turned the tables and attacked the vampire. But unfortunately Tara didn’t have the power to overthrow the vamp. When a whistle called off the attack, Sookie discovered Lettie Mae holding the bloody remains of Tara’s body.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the vampires decided to take off with some breathing blood bags – Nicole, Holly, Arlene and Kevin. Sam and Alcide tried to track them in the woods, but the Hep-V vamps were too fast. The two men returned to Bellefleur’s without a clue as to where the kidnap victims might be (spoiler alert! The kidnap victims are at the abandoned Fangtasia bar).

The attack made Bill and Sam’s plan of one human for each vampire even more important. However a large number of people don’t trust Sam anymore – and believe that Sookie is to blame for all their supernatural problems.

No one will say the harsh words to Sookie’s face, but that’s not necessary for the blonde half-faerie. Thanks to her powers she’s able to hear everything that the residents are saying … including Alcide. Accidentally listening in on her boyfriend’s thoughts, Sookie overheard him thinking that they wouldn’t have these problems if she had kept her distance from the vampires. Needless to say, Sookie was upset over Alcide’s thoughts.

As Sookie walked home alone, Sam and Bill developed a plan to get back those that were kidnapped. But before they could do anything, they decided to get the vampires to escort the humans home. It was during a random pairing of James and Lafayette that “True Blood” viewers got to learn a little bit more about Jessica’s hippie boyfriend. James had been a draft dodger during the Vietnam war … and gay. He reveled to Lafayette that when his secret boyfriend/ neighbor died in Vietnam he went to his house to offer his condolences. However his boyfriend’s dad didn’t want his sympathy. Instead he brutally beat him with a bat and left him to die. A local vampire took pity upon James and turned him into a vampire.

While James bonded with Lafayette, Andy put a plan in place to search for Holly and the others. With the help of Bill, he began to search abandoned buildings for vamp nests. And they weren’t the only ones with that plan. Armed with weapons, a group lead by the former mayor of Bon Temps decided to do the same thing. However their plan was to kill any vampire that crossed their paths – including Bill. Fortunately Bill found a friend in Andy, who protected him from a wooden bullet in the heart.

Jason and Violet were also sent off to search for vamp nests. But after one failed attempt, the pair got a little sidetracked. Angry at Violet over her demands for attention and pushy attitude, Jason decided to confront her about everything – including his lack of a sex life with her. His angry outburst was everything she needed to finally rip his clothes off.

With the vampires on the loose, Jessica stood guard at Andy’s house to protect Adilyn. And it was a good thing that she was there because a crazed vampire showed up after sniffing out her heavenly faerie blood. The pair engaged in a stare down while Adilyn sat in fear inside the house. But as the sun appeared Adilyn decided that she couldn’t let Jessica die for her. Casting aside her worries about Jessica feeding on her, Adilyn invited the redhead into the house … leaving the other vampire to burst into flames in the sun.

All the drama didn’t just take place in Bon Temps. Season 7 premiere found Pam oblivious to the drama in Bon Temps – and the murder of her lover. In Morocco searching for Eric, Pam was forced to play a daring game of Russian roulette to get answers. But unfortunately the answer was not one she wanted to hear.