“True Blood” will meet its “true death” on Sunday, Aug. 24. After six years on HBO, viewers will be forced to say goodbye to Sookie, Bill, Eric and the rest of the Bon Temps gang – but how will the show end? Fans have some pretty crazy theories about the “True Blood” series finale and we’re breaking them down:

Queen Pam

The vampire nation is in complete shambles right now. Hep-V vamps are destroying everything and humans are living in fear of the supernatural. Eric and Pam could potentially kill the Yakuza and distribute the Hep-V cure, allowing the world to return to normal. But in order for things to get back to the way they were, the vampires would have to reinstate their own government/ law. Pam became a Sheriff in the Charlaine Harris “Sookie Stackhouse” novels, so a Queen title might not be that far off for the sassy former prostitute.

Sookie Pregnant

Season 7 of “True Blood” has been full of Bill flashbacks and hallucinations – mainly dealing with his children. Perhaps the flashbacks have been hinting at a Sookie pregnancy? Vampires can’t have kids, but anything is possible in Bon Temps. A baby with Sookie would solve Bill’s issue with his estate when he meets the true death … or maybe even give him a reason to live.

Sookie And Bill Get Married

During the Season 1 finale of “True Blood” the vampire amendment had passed, allowing humans and vampires to get married. In the final moments of the episode Sam offered up the bar as a reception area if Sookie and Bill got married. Fans know that Bill proposed to Sookie in Season 2 before getting kidnapped. Perhaps the two will pick up where they left off? That would also potentially allow Sookie to inherit Bill’s land and fortune.  

Bill Dies … And Becomes A Human

Sookie’s faerie grandfather was going on and on about the miracle of birth when she called up him to help Bill. “True Blood” viewers already watched Bill die and come back as “Billith,” so maybe this time around he’ll return a human.

Eric Sacrifices Himself

The Yakuza are definitely coming for Sookie in episode 10, but we highly doubt that Eric would let the half-faerie get attacked by Mr. Gus’s crew. Eric already admitted that he cares for very few people and that Sookie made that exclusive list. Since Sookie appears to be the only human he got close to since his human lover, Sylvie, we wouldn’t doubt that Eric would come to her rescue … and possibly die for her.

It Was All Just A Dream …

Perhaps this was all just an elaborate dream made up by Sookie? In the “True Blood” pilot episode Sookie was severely beaten by the Rattrays outside of Merlotte’s. She could have slipped into a coma and envisioned the entire dramatic series … or perhaps she has simply been high on Bill’s blood this whole time.

What we definitely do know about the “True Blood” series finale is that viewers will see Sookie struggling with Bill’s decision. The blonde faerie will weigh her future “with and without” her on-and-off lover, and will even be looking to Reverend Daniels for help. Meanwhile, Eric and Pam will be attempting to get out of a sticky situation with Mr. Gus. Their partnership with the Tru Blood head honcho took an ugly turn in episode 9, but Eric and Pam were never ones to let people step all over them. Finally, the synopsis for episode 10 teases that “Sam will make a choice” and Andy will come upon “an unexpected inheritance.”

The “True Blood” series finale will air on HBO on Sunday, Aug. 24, at 9 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in Season 7 episode 10? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.