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Lafayette and James grew closer in episode 3 of "True Blood." HBO

The “True Blood" seventh and final season continued on Sunday, July 6, with episode 3. “Fire In The Hole” answered some burning questions that fans had from the previous two weeks; however, it also bid adieu to two pretty major characters. Check out the top 12 moments from episode 3 below:

1. The Return Of Sarah Newlin

Episode 3 of “True Blood” kicked off in Los Angeles, California, at a yoga class. Since the show is set in Bon Temps, Louisiana, the change of setting – in broad daylight – was a little suspicious. However, after a couple of minutes, viewers discovered the reasoning behind it – the reintroduction of Sarah Newlin.

Last time fans saw her, Jason had allowed Sarah to leave Governor Burrell’s vamp camp with her life. She seems to have reinvented herself since then, dying her hair a reddish-brown color and taking on a new name.

2. The Mystery Of Tara’s Death

Since a maker is supposed to feel their progeny, “True Blood” fans were upset that Pam didn’t acknowledge the fact that Tara met the true death in episode 1. However Pam cleared that up in episode 3, “Fire In The Hole.” After questioning Eric about his sickness and how long he has been ill, Pam told Eric about her loss while she was searching for him.

“Tara met the true death,” she said gravely. “I felt it last night while I was in Morocco.”

When Eric didn’t respond, Pam got a little feisty.

“She was my progeny, Eric,” Pam fired at him. “You’re not going to say anything?”

But Eric was too weak and indifferent due to the virus to give Pam the comfort that she needed and wanted.

3. Who is Sylvie?

Pam is definitely surprised by the lack of fight in Eric. But her maker has his reasons – Godric, Nora and a mysterious woman named Sylvie. A flashback to Rhone Valley, France, in 1986, puts a face to Sylvie’s name. She was a beautiful woman with dark brown hair who had a romantic relationship with Eric.

In the flashback, the two were engaged in some physical activity before they were rudely interrupted by a figure in the Vampire Authority – Nan Flanagan! While “True Blood” fans are very familiar with the former vampire spokeswoman (who met the true death at the hands of Eric and Bill in Season 4), this was Eric and Pam’s first encounter with her.

Nan was in the Rhone Valley area on official vampire business. Eric and Pam had failed to register and pay taxes to their sheriff, and Nan was there to enforce it. However, there was more to her trip than just to tell Pam and Eric to fall in line – she also informed them of a Japanese corporation’s synthetic blood that would allow vampires to “come out of the coffin.”

Eric wasn’t willing to play nice with Nan and the authority. With eyes only for Sylvie, Eric told Nan to “f*** off.” But Pam was the only one who realized his grave mistake. She told her maker that they had to leave France right then and there, but Eric refused to go.

4. The Turn Against Sam

With vigilante Vince in charge, the town of Bon Temps slipped into chaos and anarchy. Sam tried his best to calm down the townsfolk and let them see reason; however, Vince already got in their heads.

After the vigilante group killed Matt, Sam’s vampire guard, the mayor realized that all hope was lost. Shifting into an owl, he decided to flee before they took his life.

5. Willa’s Invitation Revoked

Willa was forced to bring Lettie Mae to Reverend Daniels after she manipulated Willa into giving her blood. Reverend Daniels was not mad at Willa; however, he explained to her that he had to ask her to leave the house.

Reverend Daniels revealed that he had been going through a rough time when he found Lettie Mae. The pair saved each other, and the reverend planned to support Lettie Mae with her disease. But since Willa was essentially a bottle of Captain Morgan to Lettie Mae, he had to rescind her offer to his home.

6. James And Lafayette’s Complicated Relationship

James returned to Lafayette’s to smoke some weed, but Lala was all out. Instead Lafayette took some pills (because vampires can’t swallow them) and offered James a pill-induced high via blood.

James opened up about his troubled relationship with Jessica and how she barely knows he is there. He seemed to display some sort of attraction to Lafayette, and even freaked out when he thought that Lala overdosed. However, when Lafayette called him out for coming onto him, James told him that he’s with Jessica but that Lala didn’t misread anything.

7. Sookie’s Feeling For Alcide

Sookie wanted to use herself as bait to uncover the hideout that the Hep-V vampires that were keeping Arlene, Holly and Nicole in. The half-faerie turned to Bill for help, and the exes had an interesting conversation about Sookie’s current love life while they waited for the Hep-V vampires to bite.

When Bill asked if Sookie loved Alcide, the blonde quickly fired back that it was none of his business. But Sookie soon voiced her concerns about her relationship with Alcide – she told Bill that she’s afraid that she doesn’t love Alcide as much as he loves her.

“He means it more than I do,” Sookie explained to Bill, saying that it makes her feel rotten inside.

8. Revenge For Hoyt

“True Blood” viewers may have forgotten about Hoyt, but his momma hasn’t. When Jason, Violet, Andy and Jessica go head-to-head with Vince’s vigilante group, Mrs. Fortenberry tells the others that she wants to take out Jason and “Red.”

“You drove him away from his momma,” Mrs. Fortenberry accused the pair. “You tore out his heart.”

Mrs. Fortenberry fired a shot at Jessica that hit her in her arm – and didn’t heal. But before she could pull the trigger again, Violet rushed forward and ripped Mrs. Fortenberry’s heart out.

9. Who Is Sylvie? Part 2

While Eric thought he could live happily ever after with Sylvie, Pam knew better. Shortly after their visit with Nan, the trio received another set of visitors – but these ones were not as “cheerful” as the Vampire Authority member.

The mysterious visitors were part of the Japanese corporation producing TruBlood. Since Eric didn’t agree to play by their rules, they arrived with a set of swords to persuade him otherwise. Eric quickly changed his tune when they threatened to behead Pam. However, Eric’s apology and promise to be careful wasn’t enough. In order to teach him a lesson, the man in charge told Eric that he must choose one person to die – Pam or Sylvie.

Eric tried to sacrifice himself, but the men weren’t interested. The vampire made the tough decision when they put blades to both Pam and Sylvie’s neck – he chose to save Pam. Without a second of hesitation, the men put a sword through Sylvia’s stomach.

10. Eric’s Reason To Live

Eric revealed to Pam that while he didn’t try to contract the virus on purpose, he did parade around with a devil-may-care attitude. While Pam wanted her maker to fight to live, Eric had given up.. However, that all changed when Pam offered him something to live for – Sarah Newlin.

“What if I told you Jason Stackhouse let her live?” she asked Eric.

Eric stood up and told his progeny, “Let’s go find her.”

11. The New Season 7 Villain

Eric and Pam aren’t the only ones who want Sarah Newlin. The mysterious sword-wielding men who confronted Eric in 1986 for the TruBlood Corporation resurfaced in Los Angeles. Cornering Sarah’s yoga instructor (whom she was hooking up with), they asked for the former Vamp Camp leader’s whereabouts. When the yoga instructor refused to answer, the men decapitated him with their swords.

12. The Sookie Trap Worked

Sookie’s plan to use herself as bait worked a little too well. The half-faerie not only lured the Hep-V vampires, but the mob of vigilantes and her search parties – Alcide, Sam, Jason, Violet, Andy and Jessica.

The Hep-V vampires attacked Bill with silver, but Bill was able to break free, thanks to help from Sam and Alcide. Jason, Andy, Violet and Jessica were able to eliminate the vampires that tried to take Sookie, but things took a turn for the worse after that. Alcide began to lecture Sookie about her safety and decision to turn to Bill. But before Sookie was able to apologize or say anything, members of Vince’s vigilante group shot Alcide twice – once in the chest and once in the head.

Jessica offered to turn Alcide into a vampire, but Sookie stopped her. With Tara in the back of her mind, Sookie made the decision to let Alcide rest in peace rather than come back as a vampire.

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