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Jessica and James made up in episode 9 of "True Blood" after their falling out. HBO

Episode 9 of “True Blood” aired on Sunday, Aug. 17, setting up the hit HBO show for its series finale on Aug. 24. Story lines were wrapped up as the good folks of Bon Temps prepared for the end. Find out what happened in “Love Is To Die” with our break down of the top 7 jaw dropping moments:

Bill’s Choice

Bill shocked “True Blood” viewer in episode 8 when he was gifted with the Hep-V cure … but refused to drink it. In episode 9 the group wanted answers. But all Bill could really say is that he “accepted” his fate. Sookie tried to sway him, telling her ex-boyfriend that Sarah Newlin IS his fate, his “destiny.” However Bill’s mind was set. “I’m choosing true death,” he told Sookie.

Needless to say, Sookie refused to accept that answer and decided to slap him around a few times hoping that he’d come to his senses. Eric finally stepped in and told Bill to leave and keep quiet about the cure. But Jessica had one more thing to say to her maker – “release me.”

Bill followed Jessica’s request, releasing her as his progeny. He left while Eric comforted Sookie and Pam held a crying Jessica.

Sam’s Goodbye

After leaving Fangtasia, Sookie and Jessica went to Sam’s place outside of Bellefleur’s. When they entered they found his home completely empty accept for two letters – one addressed to Sookie and the second to Andy.

Sam explained his situation – that Nicole gave him an ultimatum about leaving. Since he had no plans on missing out on his baby grow up he decided to move to Chicago with Nicole. Sam’s parting words to Sookie was that he hopes she could come out to visit after the baby’s born.

Sookie brought the second letter inside for Andy to read and the two went to a private room to open it. However Andy didn’t receive a heartfelt note from Sam. Inside was simply a note saying that he resigns as Mayor of Bon Temps.

Jessica’s Reunion

Jessica was able to find peace with the whole James fiasco after he apologized for cheating on her with Lafayette. She acknowledged that she never really took the time to get to know him, and wished him happiness with Lafayette.

With Bill still on her mind, Jessica went to Hoyt’s house seeking comfort. Unfortunately for Jessica she had a bit of poor timing because Brigette had just gotten done confronting Hoyt about his connection to Jessica. Hoyt had just got done telling Brigette that there was nothing to worry about when Jessica showed up and explained the whole “glamour” situation to the pair.

Brigette was upset and told Hoyt that if he followed Jessica out the door and heard her out that they would be done. And while he did pause for a second, Hoyt walked out the door and ended his relationship with Brigette.

But fortunately Brigette had a shoulder to cry on in Bon Temps. She immediately gave Jason a call and after explaining the situation asked him to pick her up.

Hoyt immediately knocked Jason out when he arrived at the house, forcing Brigette to load him in the car and leave Hoyt’s. When he finally woke up, Jason made sure to tell Brigette that they were not going back to his house to have sex. Confused at why he would say that, Brigette explained to him that she had just broken up with her boyfriend and had no plans on doing so.

Eric And Bill’s Bromance

Eric and Bill weren’t friends from the start, but the pair have developed a special bromance over the past few seasons. After Eric sent Bill packing from Fangtasia, the former Shreveport sheriff paid his friend a visit at his Bon Temps home. Eric tried to explain that he felt the same way about giving up when Pam found him in France. However Bill didn’t buy Eric’s story about Hep-V attacking the spirit.

Eric then got straight to business – he was there for Sookie. Bill tried to argue that Sookie would learn to love someone else after he left the planet. “It is her light that pulls us in,” he explained. “Just as she is drawn to our darkness.”

Bill then told Eric about his dream of Sookie holding their baby, however the twist was that she had given birth to death.

“That’s all we are, that’s all we can give her,” Bill continued. “I want to set her free.”

Bill then asked Eric for one more favor – to ask Sookie if he can call on her tonight so that she could understand his decision.

Jason Learns To Love Himself

Brigette is desperate to leave Bon Temps and Jason helps her out by sweet-talking an airline rep. Grateful for Jason’s kindness, Brigette asked to hear the whole story about him, Hoyt & Jessica. Jason told her the whole – all while Hoyt and Jessica hooked up at his old family home.

After hearing the details about his broken friendship with Hoyt, Brigette told Jason to follow her to bed. But just as she said earlier, she had no plans on having sex with him. Instead the pair just laid side-by-side and opened up about some of their deepest secrets – like Brigette cheating on a test and Jason liking pink.

Eric And Ginger’s Steamy Hookup

After Eric returned to Fangtasia after speaking with Sookie, he was greeted by angry Ginger. His former employee was upset that he failed to tell her that he was cured by Hep-V, but Eric didn’t have any patience for her hysterics. He told her that he was going to finally have sex with her, and Ginger immediately told him about her fantasy of hooking up with in his throne.

After straddling him for a brief second, Ginger collapsed to the floor.

“Are you going to be okay?” Eric asked her.

“F______ fantastic,” she countered before passing out.

Mr. Gus’s Ugly Surprise

Pam was dying Sarah Newlin’s hair back to blonde when the pair were taken into the basement by the Yakuza. When Eric arrived he found Pam bound to a table with silver while a giant wooden stake hovered above her. Mr. Gus knew that Eric went to see Sookie, but Eric tried to play stupid. His new employer sliced the first rope holding the stake up, inching it closer to Pam’s chest. Eric tried to reason that Mr. Gus needed him, but Mr. Gus proved to Eric that he doesn’t care when he sliced the second rope holding the stake from Pam’s chest. With only one last rope standing in between Pam and true death, Eric admitted that he went to see Sookie and that she knows about the cure.

Episode 9 of “True Blood” concluded with Mr. Gus asking Eric for where Sookie lives while Bill showed up and knocked on her door to talk.

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