"True Detective” has had us on the edge of our seats ever since the HBO series made its debut in January. Now, a month later, we are five episodes closer to learning who's responsible for the mass murders across Louisiana that have left multiple women and children dead.

In the sixth episode of “True Detective” titled “Haunted Houses,” we'll get yet another clue to who the Yellow King is. Whoever this mystery murderer is, he’s simply terrifying the town. What we know about this killer so far is that he’s alive, he knows people in high places, and he fancies torturing women. “The man with the scars,” a traumatized victim starts to tell Cohle, “he made me watch.”

Not only is the Yellow King killing women in a satanic manner, he’s also forcing his victims to watch the sacrifices. And that’s not all we learned from the promo of episode 6. Fans will finally get to see Maggie (Michelle Monaghan) in present-day time as Detective Thomas Papania (Tory Kittles) brings her in for questioning. “Something went real wrong with them,” Papania informed Maggie, to which she replied, “I knew Rust to be a good man. So, I can’t imagine what I can offer.” The detectives are dying to find out what Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Hart’s (Woody Harrelson) falling out was in 2002. And we think Papania’s burning question will finally be solved in “Haunted Houses.”

The promo cuts to a scene where Hart is insisting he’s the only one who has been looking out for Cohle. “Without me, there is no you,” his partner calmly responds. Which brings us to our next point of the detectives pinning Cohle with somehow being involved with the Louisiana killings. Papania and Detective Maynard Gilbough (Michael Potts) break it down for Hart, saying Cohle had brought him to every clue he's found regarding the killer of Dora Lange. Isn’t that a bit suspicious? Cohle always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Not to mention, 17 years later the former cop is still lurking around crime scenes.

“He never left,” Papania said to Hart, showing him a photo. “He’s been right here doing bad things for a long time.” Could he be referring to Cohle? Or is Papania finally confirming that the Yellow King is still lurking in the shadows of Louisiana?

Perhaps this information will be enough to break ties between Cohle and Hart. Even after the duo’s altercation in 2002, they still remained loyal to one another regarding the killings of Reggie Ledoux. In the promo, we see what could be the detectives getting into a fight. With blood dripping down his face, Hart is held back by four men as he’s pushed toward a red pickup truck. Wait, isn’t that Rust’s pickup? Could we have come across the notorious altercation?

But there are bigger things for Hart to worry about in episode 6 than his fight with Rust. Hart will have the chance to confront the men who were found naked in a car with his underage daughter. “Man’s game, charge man’s price,” Hart says to a shaggy-haired boy. Another prisoner shakes in his boots as Hart sternly walks toward him. “I’m sorry!” he pleads. But we doubt Hart is accepting apologies.

Hart isn’t the only one acting out in “Haunted Houses.” We’ll also see Cohle lash out for the first time during the series as he screams at a woman — could it be Maggie or his physician girlfriend? — while looking over evidence.

What do you think will happen when episode 6 of “True Detective” airs Sunday? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below.