"True Detective" is no strange to shocking fans. If you thought the reveal of the Yellow King was surprising in the Season 1 finale “True Detective” just wait until you hear what the series creator, Nic Pizzolatto, has up his sleeve for Season 2 premiere.

According to reports, the mastermind behind the hit HBO anthology has allegedly opted to go against his previous statement of wanting a female-driven cast by choosing one male lead to star in the upcoming season of “True Detective.” The Wrap dished details to fans when the first script of the new season was leaked.

“#True Detective Twitter EXCLU: The 1st script for the 2nd season is IN & agency sources tell us it features one MALE lead & male/female co-stars,” The Wrap revealed on June 27.

Shocked? So were we – especially after Pizzolatto preached all over Twitter months earlier how he wanted to star not one but two female actress in the second season.

“@friggenawesome One of the detriments of only having two POV characters, both men (a structural necessity). Next season…,” he wrote on Feb. 23, 2014.

But it looks as if fans will have to wait until Season 3 to possibly see the women take the reigns in "True Detective." What could have possibly changed Pizzolatto’s mind in starring a female-lead cast? Perhaps it was the constant speculation from fans trying to figure out the mystery of Season 2 before the premiere even aired.

For months viewers have channeled their inner Rust Cohle and Marty Hart trying to uncover the mystery of Season 2. They’ve strung clues together in hopes of predicting who the new cast would star, guessing names from Jessica Chastain to Brad Pitt. Perhaps Pizzolatto wanted to give audiences a curveball by casting one male lead instead of going with his original admission.

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