Sixty-seven percent of Americans disapprove of Donald Trump's use of Twitter and think the president should stop tweeting, according to a poll. The poll came just hours after Trump took a jab at a Washington Post - ABC News poll that indicated his approval rating was down to 36 percent overall, the lowest for any U.S. president in the last 70 years.

Langer Research Associates, which produced for ABC word associations with Trump’s tweets, elicited mostly negative remarks from respondents. 

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Sixty-eight percent find Trump's tweets “inappropriate,” 65 percent “insulting,” 52 percent “dangerous.” There are very few positive remarks to Trump's tweet, with 41 percent calling it “interesting,” 36 percent saying its “effective,” while 21 percent calling them “refreshing.”

Many believe that Trump uses Twitter as a weapon with which he hits back at his enemies, especially the "fake news media."

The poll shows that 58 percent of men call his tweets inappropriate, while the number increases to 78 percent among women. Just 29 percent of women think his tweets are interesting compared to 54 percent of men. Forty-six percent of whites see them as dangerous, that again rises to 65 percent for non-whites.

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On Sunday, the poll conducted jointly by ABC News and the Washington Post showed Trump’s approval rating falling to 36 percent in the six months since he assumed office in January. The rating has been recorded as the lowest for any president in the United States in the last 70 years, the poll suggested, adding that six months after serving as the president, Barack Obama had 59 percent approval rating and Bill Clinton had 45 percent approval rating.

According to the poll, 57 percent Americans said the more they heard about Trump, their dislike for the president increased. Twenty-nine percent, however, said the constant chatter about Trump and his work as a president made them like him more. Seventy percent people also believed that Trump has acted in an unpresidential manner since taking office on Jan. 20, while 68 percent thought he is a positive role model for the people of America.

Meanwhile, 56 percent also said that unpresidential conduct by Trump is “damaging to the presidency overall.”

The polls come amid growing controversies surrounding allegations that the Trump campaign was in touch with Russian officials, who are accused of meddling with the 2016 presidential elections. The New York Times recently published an article alleging the president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and other members of the Trump campaign met with a Russian lawyer in order to collect incriminating information about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.