President Donald Trump’s approval rating has fallen to a mere 36 percent in a span of six months after he assumed the office in January, according to the latest poll conducted jointly by ABC News and the Washington Post. 

Trump's current approval rating has been recorded as the lowest for any president in the United States in the last 70 years, the poll suggested. The businessman-turned-politician's popularity has hit a new low. He was met with a 42 percent approval rating after he completed 100 days as the president. 

His disapproval rating has skyrocketed to an alarming 48 percent. Former President George W. Bush had similar ratings during his second term. However, former presidents and Democratic leaders like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton remained quite popular during their multiple terms. 

Six months after serving as the president, Obama had 59 percent approval rating and Clinton had 45 percent approval rating, the poll said. Among the presidents dating back 70 years or more, Harry S. Truman had the highest approval rating at 82 percent, while Gerald Ford had the lowest approval rating at 39 percent in February 1975.

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The poll was conducted after the New York Times recently published an article alleging the president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and other members of the Trump campaign met with a Russian lawyer in order to collect incriminating information about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The alleged scandal prompted 63 percent of the poll participants to disapprove of Trump Jr.'s action, while 67 percent of the Americans were not convinced that members of the Trump administration had nothing to do with influencing the 2016 election in their candidate’s favor.

Most participants (55 percent) thought Trump’s G20 summit visit was not sucessful. Among the world leaders that people don’t want their president to negotiate with is Russian President Vladimir Putin, over rumors of Moscow meddling into the presidential election, the poll said. 

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Further, about 50 percent of the participants said they supported Trump's economic plans and programs. According to an article published by the VOA News, one of the aspects that might have worked in Trump’s favor was the perception among people that the Democratic Party was working to suppress the government.

The sudden drop in the president's approval ratings comes weeks after Trump’s approval rating maintained a steady standing in the last few weeks. According to right-leaning poll Rasmussen Report, conducted between July 11 and July 14, president’s approval rating stood at 43 percent.

However, according to another Gallup Poll, carried out the same time, Trump received 38 percent approval and 57 percent disapproval rating. In yet another analysis, conducted by SurveyMonkey between July 7 and July 13, 42 percent people approved of Trump’s administrative policies, while 56 percent disapproved of the same.