Following a string of high-profile resignations, Tunisia's interim prime minister has named a new cabinet, amidst continued public outrage over too many top officials have close ties to the deposed former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Beji Caid Sebsi has named six new officials to fill posts vacated last week, but he kept the heads of the key defense, interior, justice and foreign-affairs ministries.

The newly-appointed members of the new cabinet will not be permitted allowed to run as candidates in future elections. Tunisia is expected to elect a constituent assembly on July 24 to rewrite the constitution.

The newly named members were all technocrats rather than career politicians.

Sebsi, 84, himself was named only a week ago, following the resignation of his predecessor, Mohamed Ghannouchi.

Two prior caretaker administrations have already collapsed since they included members who were perceived as being too close to Ben Ali's old guard, such as former interim prime minister.