Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed his total support for the anti-government protesters in Egypt, after major Turkish newspapers has criticized his ruling AKP Party for their silence on the topic.

I have a very sincere piece of advice for ... Hosni Mubarak, Erdogan told deputies and party supporters in the capital Ankara. No government can survive against the will of its people. The era of governments persisting on pressure and repression is over ... All of us are mortals, transient things. All of us will die and will be judged on what we have done. Our resting place as Muslims is two square meters of earth.

Erdogan also addressed Mubarak directly: You have to listen to the wishes of the people in order to create security and stability. First you must take steps that are good for Egypt. You must take steps that satisfy the people.

The Turkish leader also urged Egyptian demonstrators to eschew violence and protect the nation’s rich cultural heritage.

Everyone has the right to fight for freedom, but without violence,” he said. You must not forget that the people who oppose you are still human, still your brothers.

With respect to political reforms in the region, the Turkish PM declared that “our greatest wish in Egypt and Tunisia is that reforms are implemented as soon as possible, but also that peace and security are established. I spoke to president Barack Obama. He found it important to hear Turkey's view as a democratic country in the region.

Erdogan promised to visit Egypt once the crisis there abated.