More than 75,000 Twitter users have gone gaga about footballer Ryan Giggs' illicit affair with a former Miss Wales Imogen Thomas. 

Twitter was the only site where users were naming the footballer as the person who took out a Super Injunction against the media; the website recorded its busiest day in the UK as people flocked to it to find out about the footballer.

Twitter reached a record in the UK with a 22% increase in traffic on Saturday 20 May as a result of the news coverage that it was to be sued by the lawyers of Ryan Giggs.

According to research by Experian Hitwise, the site recorded a 10% increase in traffic than its previous record in the UK.  This is supported with 'ryan giggs suing twitter' and 'twitter footballer' being two of the three most ranked search terms that day.

Earlier on Monday, MP John Hemming used parliamentary privilege to name the star, saying 75,000 people had already outed him on Twitter adding it would be 'impracticable' to imprison everyone on the website.