“The Partridge Family” star and 70s heartthrob, David Cassidy died on Tuesday at the age of 67, shortly after he was placed in an induced coma. The singer’s cause of death was confirmed to be due to organ failure. The news of his sad demise was confirmed by his publicist Jo-Ann Geffen, CNN reported.

Shortly after the news of his death was made public, Twitter was bombarded with tribute messages from celebrities and fans alike, remembering the American actor, singer, and songwriter. 

One of Cassidy's fans went on to claim that the actor-singer boasted of a fan club larger than that of Elvis Presley and The Beatles at the height of “Cassidy-mania”. 

Musicians, actors, and other celebrities also remembered Cassidy and paid tribute to the teen idol.

American musician and record producer, Brian Wilson was one of the first celebrities to wish “love and mercy” to Cassidy, referring to Wilson’s 1988 song. 

“I’m very sad to hear about David Cassidy. There were times in the mid-1970s when he would come over to my house and we even started writing a song together. He was a very talented and nice person. Love & Mercy to David and his family,” he tweeted.

Director Kevin Smith also tweeted about Cassidy and said that his “Partridge Family” show character was one of his all-time favorites.

Check out Smith’s tweet and other celeb reactions here. 

While paying tribute to their favorite star, Cassidy’s fans were also not so far behind when it came to remembering him. 

A Twitter user by the name Debbie Watkins tweeted: “I'm deeply saddened by the loss of David Cassidy. My heart goes out to his friends and family. He will live forever in our hearts.” 

Another Twitter user, Big Blue Dot tweeted saying: “And I woke up in love this morning, I woke up in love this morning, Went to sleep with you on my mind RIP David Cassidy.” 

Following are a few tweets in which Cassidy's fans paid tribute to the actor-singer:

Cassidy’s family told the People magazine that he died surrounded by friends and family. 

“David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long. Thank you for the abundance and support you have shown these many years,” the statement read. 

The star was first admitted to a hospital in Florida earlier this week. The news of his kidney and liver failure was confirmed by Spokeswoman JoAnn Geffen, on Saturday night.

She also confirmed that he was being kept in a private room. She also added that there was nothing "imminent" about his condition, and doctors were hoping to "keep him as well as they can until they can find another liver."

Cassidy first rose to fame during the early 1970s when he worked in the musical sitcom "The Partridge Family," where he played the role of the eldest of five siblings, embarking upon a musical career together. The show garnered immense popularity which led to a dozen group and solo albums. He also said to have had sparked the "Cassidy-mania," with young fans buying pillowcases, lunchboxes, bubblegum and other items adorned with the actor's image.

Cassidy is now survived by his son, musician Beau Cassidy and his daughter, Katie Cassidy who is an actress.