Microblogging site Twitter’s own iPhone app turned out to be the biggest of all the Twitter apps for hogging data.

According to a new study by mobile data management startup Onavo, the official Twitter App uses 193.2 data of the Tweetdeck iPhone app's 86.

Since most mobile operators including AT&T now only offer capped data plans, iPhone users need to watch their data. Onavo found that the difference between Twitter for iPhone and TweetDeck could be as much as $2 a session, under the most extreme data plans.

Onavo (an app which manages data on the iPhone which runs in the background) also found:

• More than one in five (22 percent) iPhone users in the US have a Twitter app installed. while in Spain this rose to 34 percent. In China it dropped to 7 percent.

• The most popular client is the native Twitter app (Twitter for iPhone – 65 percent), followed by TweetDeck and TweetBot (8 percent each) and EchoFon (4 percent)

• No two Twitter clients are the same when it comes to data consumption:

- The most efficient is TweetDeck, followed by TweetBot

- The biggest data hog: Twitter for iPhone, followed by EchoFon

Of course, although a 140-character tweet doesn’t cost much, just check your Twitter timeline once a day for a month and you could use 3MB more data on Twitter than Tweetdeck, reports TechCrunch.