Ukraine has set its conditions with natural gas chief saying if Russia will provide more extra Gas to Ukraine it will allow Russia to send the fuel back into the freezing European Union.

In reply, Russia's Gasprom said that it will resume pumping gas toward Europe once international monitors are in place to check the flow through Ukraine's pipelines. Russia restores supplies and provides technical gas for Ukraine's gas transport system. Oleh Dubina of Ukraine's Naftogaz said Thursday

Gazprom chief Alexei Miller and Dubina met twice on Thursday and are continuing talks as they fly back to Moscow, the meeting between the two was their first since negotiations broke down on New Year's Eve over prices for 2009 and Ukraine's debt.

The cutoff has left more than a dozen countries struggling to cope in the depths of winter. Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey all reported a halt in Russian gas shipments by Wednesday. Germany and Poland reported substantial drops in supplies.