UN School In Gaza Hit By Israeli Fire; 5 Injured

Deir al-Balah
Deir al-Balah, where the UN said one of its schools took fire from Israel. Wikimedia Commons

Five people were injured when a United Nations school serving as a shelter was hit by Israeli fire Wednesday in Gaza, the second time in three days that a U.N. school reportedly took a direct hit from Israeli rounds.

The U.N.’s Relief and Works Agency said Thursday the UNRWA Girls’ School in Deir al-Balah in Gaza was sheltering about 1,500 people from Israeli attacks when it was hit.


In the 3rd such incident, an UNRWA school in Deir Al Balah sheltering approx. 1500 people took a hit from Israeli fire yesterday morning.

— UNRWA (@UNRWA) July 24, 2014



The Deir Al Balah incident is the second time in three days that an UNRWA school in #Gaza has taken a direct hit by Israeli shelling.

— UNRWA (@UNRWA) July 24, 2014



Five people were reported to have been injured by the hit on the UNRWA Girls' School in Deir Al Balah, #Gaza.

— UNRWA (@UNRWA) July 24, 2014


The attack came as UNRWA said that the current conflict has displaced more than twice as many Palestinians in Gaza compared to the last Palestinian-Israeli conflict in September 2009.

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