WARNING: This articles contains a major spoiler from the Season 2 premiere of “Under the Dome.”

“Under the Dome” left fans of the hit CBS series with a pretty massive cliffhanger by the time the show’s Season 2 premiere ended. But hey, what else do you expect from a series based on Stephen King’s novel? Now that the residents of Chester’s Mill have survived the deadly magnetism of the dome, the mastermind of mysteries has decided to throw yet another force of evil at Barbie and the gang to dodge: a murderer.

That’s right, a mysterious killer is lurking around the sealed-off town of Chester’s Mill, and he’s already taken his first victim. By the end of episode 1, “Heads Will Roll,” the unknown assassin brutally killed Angie (played by Britt Robertson) in the dark hallway of a high school. The “Scream”-esque scene gave us the chills as we watched Angie’s final moments before an ax came thrusting toward her face. And according to reports, we weren’t the only ones surprised by Angie’s untimely death.

During an interview with TV Guide, Robertson explained her stunned reaction on finding out her character was going to be hacked to pieces.

“I actually found out from the other person who dies, Natalie [Martinez],” the actress said. Linda was killed off early on in the Season 2 premiere after a truck came hurtling toward her, crushing her against the edge of the magnetic dome. “She called me when I was in Vancouver shooting ‘Tomorrowland.’ I got a message from her. I think was, ‘Hey, we're dying. Let's get a drink!’ I had no idea what she was talking about, really, because no one told me, and I had no idea what was happening with the story lines at all. It was shocking, for sure. I didn't think that I would go that early on in the season.”

Under the Dome Barbie discovers Angie's bloody hand print in episode 2 of "Under the Dome." Photo: Brownie Harris/CBSВ

Robertson added that although she regretted the death of her vivacious character, she couldn’t be too upset considering it was a “cool” and “exciting” way to leave the show.

“As soon as I read the script and saw that I wasn't dying in the first five minutes, I was a little more comfortable with the idea. And knowing that it would be a cool exit, and knowing that Stephen King is writing the episode, it doesn't really get any better than that. It's hard to be upset about the whole thing,” she revealed to the site.

But just because Angie is dead doesn’t mean she’s gone for good. As we witnessed in episode 1, nothing is impossible in the dome – especially when it comes to the revival of dead characters. Not only did King introduce the ghost of Linda in “Heads Will Roll,” but viewers also got a treat when “Under the Dome” brought back Dodee. The two ladies haunted Big Jim throughout the premiere, which he thought was just a hallucination due to the magnetism. But we have a feeling the insightful apparitions are here to stay.

Does that means we can expect Angie to come back to Chester’s Mill as a spirit?

“Most definitely,” Robertson replied. “I always like to think there's a possibility for anything with this show. I'm very open to coming back. There is always really cool story lines that they create with dead people. I'm hoping to get something in that world, where they bring me back, but I'm not quite Angie, you know?”

If fans thought Angie was spunky before, we can only imagine how gutsy she’ll be when she appears as a ghost. We’d be scared for whoever raised an ax to this sassy dame. With that said, will fans ever find out who killed Angie and why?

“There's never been a shortage of killings under the dome, even if it was by the hands of the humans,” she told TV Guide. “I don't think it's a new concept. A lot of the town will look to the obvious choices: Maybe it's Big Jim (Dean Norris) because they've always had a [tumultuous] relationship and they're always going at it.”

Robertson continued speculating who might have killed her because even she doesn’t know who murdered Angie.

“Or maybe Junior can't take it anymore because Angie just doesn't love him. A lot of people will look to the obvious choices, but I hope that they're surprised. I still don't even really know who killed me. Hopefully they'll find some peace with Angie's death. That's all I hope for, is that it only gets the audience even more excited to take out whoever killed me.”

Who do you think killed Angie during the Season 2 premiere of “Under the Dome”? Do you think it could have even been Melanie, Chester’s Mill newcomer played by Grace Victoria Cox? She was the reason why Angie was alone in the spooky school in the first place. Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions.