An ex-aide to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has revealed e-mail messages from his former employer which he says show Palin closely tracking public opinion, expressing disgust with some broadcasters and explaining why she chose to grant interviews only to Fox news.

The e-mails are contained in a 500 page manuscript by Frank Bailey, a former aide who worked with Palin from the time of her gubernatorial campaign in 2006 until her resignation from the governor's post in July of 2009.

The manuscript leak comes at a time when Palin is still considering whether to run for the 2012 Republican nomination for the U.S. Presidency.

Bailey wrote in the manuscript that he and a small group of the former governor's aides worked to influence the results of an online poll sponsored by a television news station in Alaska.

Bailey said the group invested time, energy, and emotion into linking our computers and utilizing our software into generating votes in favor, according a quote from the manuscript obtained by political news site Politico.

The group refreshed results to raise the voted and e-mailed each other.

When one aide told Palin that she had an initial lead in the unscientific survey, Palin replied: Oh, thank God!

In June of 2009, more than a year after an interview with Katie Couric of the CBS Evening News, she recalled the incident commenting on the reporter's audience, according to Bailey.

She SUCKED in ratings before she stumbled upon her little gig mocking me, Palin wrote. She did almost lose her job before that VP interview...

She also commented on an NBC interview on the Today Show in July 2009 with Levi Johnson, the father of her grandson Trig.

Sickening, sickening, Palin wrote, according to Bailey. I watched Levi this morning. Journalism ethics are non-existent.

They sat there and let the coached puppet spew one lie after another, starting with 'when I lived there...'And Anne [sic] Curry wraps it up with 'Thanks for providing us insight into her,' she wrote.

Palin, who had also announced she would only appear on the Fox network because she disliked other network broadcasters, explained her reasoning to aides, according to Bailey.

Every time we participate with the bad guys we are telling viewers/readers: 'go watch them! Tune in to what they have to say to bash us today!' I can't do that anymore, Palin stated. I am through with the idiots who use and abuse us-we can NOT win them over, I hate giving them ratings boosts.

She added: Lesson learned. Final one. Networks are not our friends. Talking to them harms my family, admin, record, reputation, Tripp, etc. No more.