Just hours after more street violence in Tunis and days after the former President was ousted, a new national unity government has been formed in Tunisia, according to a report in BBC News.

The government will be headed by Mohammed Ghannouchi, the incumbent Prime Minister, and seeks to prepare the country for new elections.

Reportedly, several opposition party figures have gained positions in the new government, while several existing ministers have held onto their jobs.

Ghannouchi further announced a spate of other measures designed to appeal to the concerns of demonstrators who have wracked the country with violent protests:

*All political parties will be allowed to freely operate in the country.
*Political prisoners will be released
*The government’s information ministry will be abolished and the media will be allowed total freedom.”

We have decided to free all the people imprisoned for their ideas, their beliefs or for having expressed dissenting opinions, Ghannouchi reportedly said, according to Agence France Presse.

We are committed to intensifying our efforts to re-establish calm and peace in the hearts of all Tunisians. Our priority is security, as well as political and economic reform, Mr Ghannouchi told a news conference.

In addition, Reuters reported, two prominent opposition politicians Ahmed Ibrahim and Mustafa Ben Jaafar, will the new government.