Americans will heave a sigh of relief Nov. 6 as Election Day marks the end to exhausting yearlong presidential campaigns. To encourage voting, several shops and organizations are offering a host of freebies or Election Day specials Tuesday.

Though the debate and lawsuits on the legality of the Election Day freebies continue, there are retailers offering free trips to voting stations, free coffee, yoga classes and even flu vaccinations.

However, Hurricane Sandy’s devastation and the economic slowdown have made the Election Day freebies a low-key affair, and the massive ad campaigns which otherwise mark the occasion are absent this year.

Free Trips To Polling Stations And Back

Several transport companies are offering free rides to and from the polling stations on Election Day.  Uber is teaming up with Rock the Vote to offer all voters in America who have never tried Uber, a “Freedom Ride” to their polling stations, during the voting hours.

Zipcar’s  Zip to the Polls program in partnership with Rock the Vote has a 50 percent discount for all commuters during the election hours (5 a.m. to 9 p.m.).

The Capital District Transportation Authority will offer its STAR customers free transportation to polling places on Election Day and provide free trips to polling stations in Albany, Schenectady and Rensselaer counties that are within three-quarters of a mile of CDTA fixed routes.

 Free Holiday Trips

JetBlue's Election Protection promotion gives voters a chance to win a free round trip out of the country if their desired candidate loses the election.  

Free Yoga

The Yoga apparel company Lululemon is offering complimentary yoga classes to the voters to relax after the voting.

The Yoga Bar on Main Street in Downtown Cincinnati is offering free yoga classes on Election Day.

Free Eats and Drinks

White Castle customers can pick their favorite Fry and get a coupon for a free small order of their choice after showing the "I Voted."

The customers can get coupon for free fries if they vote on White Castle's Facebook page.

Tim Hortons Café & Bake customers can get a free donut with the purchase of any beverage. Some voters will also get free coffee and donuts while they wait in line at local polls in some cities, including Detroit, Columbus, Ohio, and Buffalo, N.Y.

M&Ms are offering a discount of 10 percent off for orders of $65 and above and 15 percent off for orders of $100 and above for election parties.

Many restaurants, bars and hotels throughout the country are offering free Election Day giveaways and discounted food and drink offers with extended happy hours.

Other Interesting Offers

One gun shop owner in Atlanta, according to the Daily Finance, is offering the customers who voted a chance to participate in a raffle and win a handgun or Browning rifle.

Starbucks coffee shops will offer all customers an indivisible wristband on Election Day.

Vote and Vax have organized flu clinics at polling sites on or around Election Day to help the voters get a shot of flu vaccination while they wait to vote. However, the voter will have to pay for the vaccination.