The U.S. has announced a reward of $10 million for providing information leading the arrest of an accused al-Qaida fundraiser.

Ezedin Abdel Aziz Khalil, said to be a Syrian operating from Iran and better known as Yasin al-Suri, was placed on the U.S. Treasury Department blacklist in July. U.S. charge officials he was involved in the transfer funds and recruitment of militants from the Middle East through Iran and then to Pakistan.

A statement from the U.S. Treasury says Khalil has operated from inside Iran since 2005 under an agreement between al-Qaida and the Iranian government. Iranian authorities maintain a relationship with al-Suri and have permitted him to operate within Iran's borders since 2005, the State Department said.

Working with the Iranian government, al-Suri also arranges the release of al-Qaida personnel from Iranian prisons. When al-Qaida operatives are released, the Iranian government transfers them to the custody of al-Suri, who then coordinates their travel to Pakistan, the State Department added.

As part of the program Rewards for Justice, which was set up in the 1980s, a reward of $10 million has been declared.