Singer Usher Raymond's wife, Tameka Foster, has claimed that he has repeatedly not upheld his legal obligations as a father and now she wants to take their children away.

According to TMZ, Tameka Foster Raymond, has filed for full custody of their two sons, asking the judge to remove usher's custodial rights as soon as possible.

The couple divorce in 2009. They currently have joint custody of their two sons, Usher Raymond V and Naviyd.

TMZ reported that Tameka Foster Raymond accuses Usher, 33, of repeatedly failing to get her permission to travel outside the state with their children and has alleged that he owes $34,000 in back payment for nanny services.

The Web site also reported that Tameka Foster Raymond also alleges the following in the court document:

-- Usher failed get her approval before hiring nannies.

-- He failed to give her first shot to watch the kids when he's away for more than 8 hours.

-- He failed to allow her to take the kids for 2-weeks in the summer of 2011

-- Usher failed to let her have custody of the kids during Christmas break 2010.

You can read the full story from TMZ here.