Someone tried to break into the Los Angeles home of V. Stiviano on Monday, TMZ reported. LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s apparent mistress, who has become known for donning a oversized visor, was not home when an unidentified person broke a window in an attempt to get inside her house.

A law enforcement source told TMZ Stiviano was not home during the incident, which occurred around 11:30 a.m. local time, but her brother and sister heard the commotion and contacted authorities. TMZ said the presumed burglar tried to get into the home through a different window, but was scared off after observing people inside.

Oddly, the Los Angeles Police Department wasn’t contacted until nearly 3 p.m., TMZ said, long after the attempted burglar fled the scene.

ABC7 Eyewitness News tweeted about the occurrence:

Stiviano leaked a phone conversation with Donald Sterling that led to him being suspended from the National Basketball Association over racist comments made. He apologized during an interview with Anderson Cooper and said his former mistress “baited” him into making the statements.

“I’m not a racist,” he told Cooper. “I made a terrible, terrible mistake.” Sterling added: “I’m the guilty one for uttering those terrible, ugly words.”

Meanwhile, CNN reported Monday evening that Sterling has until May 27 to to respond the NBA after it "initiated a charge" to terminate his ownership rights in the franchise. The Clippers owner, will reportedly ask for a three-month extension to prepare his response. Under league rules, Sterling’s rights over the franchise can be terminated only if 75 percent of the 29 team owners sustain the charge and vote for him to sell: that’s why his response is so important. 

Further information about the attempted crime at Stiviano’s house have not been revealed.

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