Long-distance relationships are extremely difficult to maintain, but a new app for iPhone and Android has been released just in time for Valentine's Day, which hopes those far-away partners even closer together. The app, called Closer ToGetHer, essentially allows one partner to control the vibration function on the other's phone.

Rob and Sara love each other, but work keeps them apart more than they'd like, says the Closer ToGetHer ad. As a result, their sex life isn't great. But now, they can get Closer ToGetHer. Now Sara can feel Rob's touch even when they're apart, as he controls the vibration of her phone. Slow, fast, or anywhere in between, Rob and Sara can add a little physicality to their remote romance.

When one of the partners needs more stimulation and intensity, Closer ToGetHer also works with OhMiBod vibrators, which plug into a smartphone's headphone jack and vibrate to the rhythm and intensity of the partner's touch.

Now Rob has complete control over the speed and intensity of Sara's vibrator, no matter where he is, said the company's ad.

Justin Wilcox, who wrote the code for the Closer ToGetHer app, told Mashable that the original idea was inspired in part by an Xbox hack that he created while working for Microsoft. He took the Xbox's force feedback motor, which rumbles when a user jumps off a high cliff or encounters an explosion, for example, and repurposed the Xbox controller's motor to respond to music.

I'm not a pervert, and this isn't how I spend most of my time or anything, Wilcox said. I'd rather be helping kids or something.

Wilcox's request for a product that used this functionality was denied by Microsoft's patent office, but when he began a long-distance relationship himself, he thought about how his hack could be translated into a remote-controlled adult toy.

The app, which somehow made it past Apple's scrutinizing censors, sells for $9.99 on the iOS App Store and the Android Market.

What do you think of the Closer ToGetHer app? Do you find it clever, or disgusting? Would you ever use it if you were in a long-distance relationship? Let us know in the comments section below.