Only a couple weeks remain until "The Vampire Diaries" season four premiere on Oct. 11, and the CW is doing everything it can to make the wait less painful...and that means releasing a ton of new photos!

The new photos released are stills from the upcoming first episode of season four, and they are bound to leave fans hungry for more!

Last season "Vampire Diaries" fans witnessed a painful goodbye between Caroline and Tyler. Now, with Tyler still alive (although not really himself), the two supernatural teens are bound to have a steamy reunion. 

The first string of new photos show just that! In the woods, Caroline has Tyler pinned up against a tree, presumably ecstatic that both of them survived the crazy Alaric Vs. Original Vampire drama of season three. What Caroline doesn't know is that her witchy friend Bonnie had to do a little magic to make sure they all made it out alive...and that meant temporarily putting Klaus in Tyler's body. 

Judging by the next photo of a shirtless smirking Tyler and an appalled looking Caroline,   the news about Klaus's new body is out. 

The new stills give fans another look at something familiar. A previously released photo of the season premiere showed Elena behind bars in a cage. Now, the new photos show that the new vampire isn't the only one locked up. One still shows Stefan in a similar cage to Elena, while a second photo shows Bonnie in the same cage as Elena. Although we can't be certain, it looks like the two are holding hands, and Bonnie definitely has her serious face on which means the pair are probably doing some magic. Whether the magic Bonnie is doing will help Elena is another question, because a sixth photo shows a very worried looking Stefan trying to figure out what's going on on the other side of his prison wall.

Bonnie won't be spending the whole premiere inside the cage with Elena. Instead, more photos show her in another familiar "Vampire Diaries" location...the witch hot spot in one of Mystic Falls old abandoned houses. The magic that Bonnie is doing doesn't seem to go well for her because a steady stream of blood is flowing from her nose. It appears that the root of her magical pain might be everyone's pain, because another photo shows Tyler (inhabited by Klaus) in the witch hot spot with Jeremy and Caroline.

While the new pictures seem to be tying up some loose ends from last season, one picture seems to be out of place. Presumably in the same location that held Stefan and Elena behind bars, Rebekah sits with a blood stained shirt and hands in her lap. Did she get captured by Pastor Young? Is Damon getting revenge on her for causing Matt and Elena to drive off Wickery Bridge?

"Vampire Diaries" fans will just have to wait until the season four premiere on Oct. 11 to find out! 

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