When "The Vampire Diaries" returns on Oct. 11 it looks like new vampire Elena will be in a bit of trouble.

TV Guide released a first look at the upcoming forth season of "The Vampire Diaries," and it appears that the drama is in shortage. The photo released is of Elena in what looks like a cage. With a chain link fence behind her and metal bars in front, the new vampire may be in a sticky situation.

"She doesn't want to eat people, so she's hungry -- and moody," explained Nina Dobrev of her character. But does this mean that Elena had herself locked up to protect the humans around her? Or did someone else get their hands on her?

While its uncertain if this photo stems from the first episode, one theory on Elena's lock down can be linked to new (and brief) character Pastor Young.

According to Spoiler TV, Pastor Young, a man of God and a vampire hater, will be Mystic Falls new bad guy. Fortunately for the Mystic Falls gang, the pastor won't be a threat for long. Initially threatening to expose Meredith's unconventional medical practices (vampire blood), Pastor Young is also reportedly going to kidnap Damon to use as bait. Damon and Elena's relationship is bound to change with her new lifestyle, and its possible that she will go after the Salvatore brother.

Another possibility for Elena's imprisonment can tie in another new character, vampire hunter Connor. Spoilers for season four revealed that the "highly trained killing machine" will threaten Damon and get into a serious argument with Tyler...but will he also try to hurt Elena?

"Vampire Diaries" fans will find out soon enough what trouble Elena is in when the show returns to the CW for its fourth season on Oct. 11.