Damon Salvatore has done his fair share of torturing people on “The Vampire Diaries,” yet fans still love the bad boy of Mystic Falls. Unfortunately for Damon, his evil ways caught up to him in the 1950s … and all the painful drama will resurface thanks to his encounter with Dr. Wes in episode 8.

For those who missed out, Damon took a trip to Whitmore College to torture Dr. Wes about his mad-doctor vampire experiments. While waiting to compel Dr. Wes to forget about their little meetup, Damon discovered a blood bag marked with a number. Asking about what it meant, Damon dropped a bombshell – he was number 20151.

“Augustine,” Damon said to Wes. “Haven’t heard that name in decades. Thought you guys shut down 60 years ago.”

But alas for him, the secret organization is still in full swing, and while Damon was distracted Dr. Wes was able to drug him with vervain. The episode ended with Damon locked in a cell and Dr. Wes telling him that he’s sure “Augustine will be thrilled to have you back.”

What’s in store for Damon in episode 9, “The Cell”? According to TV Line, “Vampire Diaries” viewers are going to be treated to some “really cool flashbacks” that are described as not only “brutal” and “crazy” by Ian Somerhalder … but Nina Dobrev claims that some scenes are “disgusting.”

“It was disgusting,” Dobrev told TV Line. “I’m not good at that kind of stuff and I hated watching it. I’ll probably have to close my eyes when I watch it on TV.”

Besides the modern day cell drama at Whitmore, TV Guide reports that the flashbacks will be to a time we haven’t saw Damon Salvatore yet – the 1950s. The flashback will reportedly happen after Dr. Wes does some “testing” on Damon, which will stir up some bad memories.

The good news for Damon is that Elena will realize that he’s in trouble a lot quicker than she did for Stefan. Suspecting that something’s wrong, she’ll turn to her new college buddy, Aaron, for help. Why Aaron, you may ask? Well, his legal guardian just happens to be Dr. Wes.

The leaked synopsis for “The Cell” makes it sound like Elena will find Damon by the end of episode 9, and both vampires will reveal some bound-to-be jaw dropping secrets. For Damon, it’s a “terrible ordeal from his past that he has kept secret for decades.” As for Elena, she’s discovered “disturbing information” about her family.

Episode 9 of “The Vampire Diaries” will not be airing this Thursday, Thanksgiving. Fans will have to wait until Thursday, Dec. 5, to catch “The Cell” on the CW.

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