Tomorrow night the third season of The Vampire Diaries will come to a close with the season finale titled, The Departed. To pump up the hype, the CW has released stills from the episode. Do they reveal some major spoilers?

Throughout the third season, one of the main plotlines has been Elena's constant internal battle over which Salvatore brother she is more in love with, Damon or Stefan. Fans of the show have witnessed a steamy makeout scene at a motel between Damon and Elena, only for her to take his brother Stefan to the Mystic Falls High School Decade Dance the week after.

Last week she told the vampire brothers that she realizes she has been stringing them along, and hopefully this week she will reveal to viewers what Salvatore she wants to spend her life with.

Two photos released by the CW for The Departed show some interesting facial expressions and body language. One photo shows Stefan with his hands on Elena's face as he intensely tells her something. While his hands are lovingly placed on her neck, Elena's hands remain by her side. Judging by the body language and Elena's blank face, my thoughts are that Elena just told Stefan that she chose Damon. Stefan, with his hands on her face, may be telling her that he will always love and care for her, but has to leave town.

A photo of a somber Damon on the phone can further fuel the theory that Elena chose Damon. While he does look sad, it could be because his brother is leaving town due to Elena's choice. As a Delena fan, I can only hope that the gloomy look isn't because Elena is being harsh and breaking up with him via phone.

While the crazy love triangle may be getting sorted out in the pictures, a still of an irate Alaric may spell trouble for everyone. The CW previously released a clip of the season finale with Damon and Bonnie in a storage unit that was holding Klaus' corpse. Judging from the photo it seems like Alaric has found the storage unit...but a little too late. Alaric's stiff posture and stake in hand suggest that he is ready to spill some blood until the Mystic Falls gang hands Klaus over.

With a string of serious photos also come some more light hearted ones. Previous spoilers revealed to fans that Elena and Jeremy's deceased parents, Miranda and Grayson Gilbert will be making an appearance via flashback. Also featured in the flashbacks is Aunt Jenna, who died at the hands of Klaus in season two.

One photo shows Aunt Jenna, Miranda and Grayson in the Gilbert's kitchen opening up a glass of wine. A casting call for the actors that play Miranda and Grayson revealed that the pair will be submerged in water. It's possible that the photo could be from the night that their car plunged off the Wickery Bridge.

Also featured in these flashback photos is Elena who has a smile plastered on her face, something viewers haven't seen in a while. The teen is dressed in a cheerleader's uniform, an activity she quit following her parents death.

The season three finale of The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday at 8 p.m. What are your predictions for the episode The Departed?