Tonight’s the big night! Prepare for hot hookups, heartache and lots of blood because the CW’s hit series “The Vampire Diaries” returns tonight, Thursday, Oct. 3, for its fifth season.

It’s been a couple months since the last time viewers saw the Mystic Falls gang and A LOT went down in the season four finale. So don’t fret if you don’t have time to re-watch a couple old episodes, because we have a cheat sheet of 10 things to know before the season five premiere that will get you right back into the swing of things.

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Do NOT continue reading unless you’ve watched the season four finale of “The Vampire Diaries.”

1. Jeremy’s Back From The Dead

Bonnie was able to break the barrier between the supernatural dead and the living for a short period of time in an attempt to channel dark magic to bring Jeremy (Elena’s brother and Bonnie’s ex-boyfriend) back from the dead – and it worked … with some consequences.

2. Bonnie’s Dead

Those consequences we just mentioned? Bonnie’s toying with dark magic finally caught up to her. The Bennett witch was forced to pay the ultimate price for giving new life to a deceased person. In exchange for Jeremy’s life, Bonnie unknowingly sacrificed her own.

The real kicker is that none of her friends realized that Bonnie was dead because the wall between the dead and living was done. Unfortunately it’s now up and Bonnie wants to keep her death a secret, swearing Jeremy to not tell a soul that she’s not really on summer vacation … but actually passed onto the other side.

3. Klaus’s Declaration Of Love

After disappearing for a little while to “take care of business” in New Orleans, Klaus resurfaced just in time to save Damon from a nasty case of werewolf venom … and declare his undying love for Caroline.

“He’s your first love,” Klaus told Caroline. “I intend to be your last. However long it takes.”

4. Tyler’s Back In The Picture

Forced to skip town thanks to Klaus, Tyler can now return to Mystic Falls – more specifically his girlfriend, Caroline!

Klaus’ graduation gift to Caroline (besides the profession of his undying love) was the pardoning of her beau Tyler, allowing them the freedom to reunite and be together.

5. Stefan And Silas Are Doppelgangers

Turns out that doppelgangers are a common thing in Mystic Falls. When Bonnie accidentally killed herself she also broke the spell that had turned Silas into stone. Stefan turned out to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and came face-to-face with the newly released big bad.

Silas hid his true face behind multiple characters throughout season four of “The Vampire Diaries,” but in the season finale revealed that he’s a doppelganger of another Mystic Falls resident – Stefan!

6. The Stefan/ Silas Switcheroo

Stefan was out alone to dump Silas’ body when the stone broke. Realizing that the big bad was his doppelganger, Stefan had no time to warn the others.

In a flash Silas switched positions with Stefan, locking him in a safe, throwing him to the bottom of a lake and presumably heading back into town to impersonate him.

7. Elena Chose Damon

After much deliberation, Elena finally discovered which Salvatore brother she truly wanted to be with. Despite professing her love to Stefan in the season three finale, the season four finale found her realizing that it’s always been Damon.

“In death you’re the one that made me feel the most alive,” Elena told Damon. “You’ve been a terrible person … I’m not sorry I’m in love with you. I love you, Damon.”

8. Matt Ran Off With Rebekah

Matt and Rebekah definitely had a rocky relationship, but the two ended on good terms after saving each other from some angry ghosts. With the whole summer ahead of them, Matt decided to take Rebekah up on her offer to travel through Europe – on the condition that she wouldn’t try to marry him in some little chapel.

9. Who Took The Cure?

Season four of “The Vampire Diaries” found everyone going on a wild mad dash to get their hands on “the cure.” After it exchanged hands numerous times, someone finally took it … unwillingly.

In an epic brawl between Elena and Katherine in the high school hallway, Elena did something much worse to her enemy than kill her. She forced the cure into her mouth, turning vampire-loving Katherine into a helpless human.

10. The Gang Is Going To College!

So, what’s ahead for the Mystic Falls gang in season five? College! Elena and Caroline will be packing up their bags to attend Whitmore College for their freshman year.

But don’t worry, “Vampire Diaries” fans aren’t saying goodbye to Mystic Falls just yet. Season five will find Matt sticking around town, and a now homeless Jeremy (thanks to the fire Elena lit in their old place) shacking up at the Salvatore residence. 

As for upcoming college drama? Besides frat parties, viewers can also look forward to an on-campus murder, a pesky professor, and a surprising third roommate for Elena and Caroline. “The Vampire Diaries” season five premieres on the CW on Thursday, Oct. 3, at 8 p.m. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section.