Van Halen is set to release a new album, A Different Kind of Truth, in two weeks on Feb. 7. The band released a preview of a new song, Blood and Fire, Wednesday, which will be on their album.

The release of Blood and Fire follows the disc's first single Tattoo, which was released earlier this month. The track was based on Van Halen's unreleased 1977 song Down in Flames. Van Halen also offered a preview to another track on the A Different Kind of Truth album in a secret show in New York City. The band played She's the Woman, a song they originally recorded in 1976.

Like Tattoo and She's the Woman, Blood and Fire also takes material from past Van Halen works. The song is based loosely on a 1984 instrumental song called Ripley written for the film The Wild Life. The film, which was the first script Cameron Crowe wrote after Fast Times at Ridgemont High, was only released on VHS and never gained any mainstream attention. Eddie Van Halen wrote the soundtrack for the film, but only one of the songs he wrote (Donut City) became a part of the film's official score. The song, however, can be heard in the background of the film.

Does Blood and Fire sound like a new Van Halen song or is it more of the same old tunes? Is there too much borrowed material from their old work or do they have a new sound?

Following the release of A Different Kind of Truth on Feb. 7, Van Halen is set to begin their American tour on Feb. 18. Tickets are currently on sale for some of their shows. The re-formed band recently announced on its Web site that the reunion tour will include original lead singer David Lee Roth, guitarist Eddie Van Halen, drummer Alex Van Halen and bassist Wolfgang Van Halen.

Here is the track listing for their upcoming album, A Different Kind of Truth, slated for a Feb. 7 release.

'Tattoo' 'She's The Woman' 'You and Your Blues' 'China Town 'Blood And Fire' 'Bullethead' 'As Is' 'Honeybabysweetiedoll' 'The Trouble With Never' 'Outta Space' 'Stay Frosty' 'Big River' 'Beats Workin''

Here are the official tour dates for the upcoming Van Halen Reunion Tour kicking off on Feb. 18 in Louisville, Ky.


18th - Louisville, KY 20th - Auburn Hills, MI 22nd - Indianapolis, IN 24th - Chicago, IL 28th - New York, NY


1st - New York, NY 3rd - Uncasville, CT 5th - Philadelphia, PA 9th - Buffalo, NY 11th - Boston, MA 15th - Montreal, QC 17th - Toronto, ON 21st - Ottawa, ON 24th - Atlantic City, NJ 28th - Washington, DC


1st - Rosemont, IL 10th - Sunrise, FL 12th - Tampa, FL 14rh - Orlando, FL 16th - Jacksonville, FL 19th - Atlanta, GA 21st - Greensboro, NC 25th - Charlotte, NC 27th - Nashville, TN


1st - Tulsa, OK 5th - Tacoma, WA 7th - Vancouver, BC 9th - Calgary, AB 11th - Edmonton, AB 17th - Winnipeg, MB 19th - St. Paul, MN 22nd - Kansas City, MO 24th - Denver, CO 27th - Las Vegas, NV


1st - Los Angeles, CA 3rd - Oakland, CA 5th - San Jose, CA 12th - Anaheim, CA 14th - San Diego, CA 16th - Phoenix, AZ 20th - Dallas, TX 22nd - San Antonio, TX 24th - Houston, TX 26th - New Orleans, LA

You can view venue info at Pollstar's site.

Listen to a preview of Van Halen’s new song, “Blood and Fire,” here:

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