Vantage Yacht Club, the first-of-its-kind private membership club offering fractional yacht ownership - aka yacht time shares -  announced a partnership with Groupon, the online shopping subscription service that offers a daily deal on local goods, services, and entertainment. Vantage Yacht Club is one of the first luxury brands to take part in a high dollar value daily deal that will run this month; previously, Groupon had been more mid-market driven.

Vantage Yacht Club is the premier market innovator and leader in the marine industry. When choosing alliance partners we are naturally drawn to work with organizations that have the same flair, said Vantage Yacht Club Founder and President Jason De Palma. To the consumer, daily deals are a great way to try something new and save a few bucks. To the business owner, they are one of the most valuable marketing tools available to create awareness and drive customer acquisition.


Vantage Yacht Club has already made great strides in the marine industry with two of its highly famous services, 'Vantage Yacht Card' and 'Vantage Yacht Shares', where in the club's members are able to take fractional ownership of a yacht that can be selected from huge variety that is cataloged by Vantage. Each of the members get personalized offers that are designed and handpicked by the highly experienced staff of Vantage Yacht Club. Packages range in cost from $5,000 to $45,000. No word yet on how much of a discount will be offerd via the Groupon partnership.