The FBI is currently investigating Auburn point guard Varez Ward for possible point-shaving, according to a shocking new report.

Yahoo Sports investigative reporter Charles Robinson reported Thursday that the FBI has been investigating Ward since late February. Ward, who is currently suspended by the university, is under investigation for his role in games against Alabama on Feb. 7 and Arkansas on Jan. 25.

Ward started 17 of 27 games for the Tigers, but came off the bench for the two questionable games. In the games in question -- both losses -- Ward scored a mere three points and committed seven turnovers in a little more than 17 minutes of play.

He joined the Tigers this year after a year of sitting out due to transfer rules. He transferred from the University of Texas after a little more than two seasons at the school.

Ward has not publicly commented about the investigation and has not posted on his Twitter account since Feb. 24.

If he is proven to be point-shaving, it will be just the latest incident of gambling affecting college athletics. The most famous example occurred in 1979 with Boston College's basketball program, but Tulane, Toledo, Arizona State, and Northwestern have all been involved in point-shaving scandals within the last 30 years.

To the uninformed, point-shaving involves purposely allowing another team to score points in order to affect the final outcome for gambling purposes. The idea would be to make sure that the team either does or does not cover the spread - the difference in scores - for a specific game.