Controversial Pakistani actress-model Veena Malik may be facing heat from both the sides of the border, but there some people who are ready to support the actress. And for every one's wonder, the people are from the Indian film industry.

After the whole episode of the nude photo shoot of the actress for the Indian magazine FHM India, Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt called Veena over phone and suggested her to file a police complaint against the magazine.

According to a Times of India report, Bhatt, who was recently in news for casting UK-based porn actress Sunny Leon for his next film, has spoken to Veena and the editor of the magazine, Kabeer Sharma. Bhatt is yet to ascertain what the confusion is all about.

I had never spoken to Veena before and didn't know her at all. But since so much is being said about her shoot and I too have been asked to share my views on it, I decided to speak to her. She was surprised to get my call and told me that though she had told a shoot but had never been so bold. She felt she was being victimized and that people were believing that she has done something like this because of her otherwise controversial persona, Bhatt was quoted as saying by daily.

Bhatt gave her a three point advice.

1: If you feel you are being violated, don't take anything lying down. Send a legal notice to the magazine.

2: I also asked her to get her PR to take charge and inform her side of the story to the media. Unless she does that, the media will continue writing about her because nothing is more exciting today than a sexual scandal.

3: I have also asked her to get in touch with the joint commissioner of police in Mumbai.

Bhatt also spoke to FHM editor, Kabeer Sharma, in order to understand the whole controversy.

Kabeer told me that Veena had indeed shot for the magazine. He also forwarded me another photograph of Veena from the shoot. The photograph that has been doing the rounds is tame and the one sent to me was bolder with portions of her breast visible. However, I saw the photo on my Blackberry and have no way to ascertain whether it morphed or not, Bhatt told Times of India.

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