Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned from Cuba Saturday after completing another round of radiotherapy treatment for an undisclosed type of cancer.

Arriving on the tarmac after an 11-day stay in Havana, Chavez appeared vigorous and was able to walk unaided from the plane and deliver a televised speech.

In the last few days we successfully completed the radiation cycle, as planned by the medical team, Chavez said, standing on the runway at the airport in Caracas, BBC reported. I come with great optimism that this treatment will have the effects we hope for, always asking God to help us and give us the miracle of life to keep serving.

Chavez, 57, has been traveling back and forth between Venezuela and Cuba for cancer treatments since last June.

The Venezuelan government has been tight-lipped about the nature and severity of Chavez's cancer, though it has revealed that he has had three operations over the past year and has had two malignant tumors removed from his pelvic region, Reuters reported.

As the Latin American socialist leader continues to receive successive treatments, he has maintained that he will run for a third term as president in Venezuela's upcoming elections in October.

But as the hours and days pass, I'm sure that with God's favor, medical science and this soldier's body, I will get back to where I must be, in the front line of the battle, alongside the Venezuelan people, promoting the socialist revolution, Chavez said, BBC reported

Chavez, a former paratroops officer, was elected to office in 1999, serving a two-year term before enacting constitutional reform and holding new elections in 2000, in which he was voted in to serve a six-year term, and again in 2006.