Verizon Wireless plans to offer the Palm Pre on its telecom network in about six months, Verizon executive Lowell McAdam said during an investor conference Webcast on Thursday.

A second generation version of the BlackBerry Storm, Research in Motion’s touch screen phone, will also be part of Verizon’s future line up, he said.

He added that Verizon will also support Android phones, but did not say when those would be rolled out to the public, only saying that they would be available later this year.

Meanwhile, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson also said that they would like to offer the Palm Pre once Sprint's exclusive deal with them runs out.

Would I like to see that on our network some day? Of course I would, Stephenson said of the Pre, according to Cnet news. We obviously talk to all the handset manufacturers. We want a broad selection of devices in the lineup. That's important.

Palm has not said how long the Pre will be exclusively on Sprint's networks, but a GSM version is in the works for other markets, and this version could potentially be used for AT&T.