Although the strike by 45,000 workers of Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) appears to be over -- at least temporarily -- there is still a wide gap between the company’s demands for concessions and the union’s stiff resistance against many give-backs.

Much of the criticism against the corporation by the union has focused on the huge profits Verizon has generated in recent years and the large compensation paid out to its top executives.

Here are some comments made by Verizon chairman Ivan Seiderberg about the ongoing dispute at his company:

10. “What? We still have a landline business?? Do these people drive horse-and-buggies, too?

9. “So what if I make $20 million a year? I got student loans to pay off, buster!”

8. “Health care is so-o-o-o overrated!”

7. “Our top executives’ salaries? Dude, that’s chump change compared to what Kobe and Lebron make!”

6. “Next time these strikers march on my front lawn, man, it’s gonna be ‘release-the-hounds-city’!”

5. “Look, I’d be only too glad to reduce the pay of myself and my executives… but, just TRY getting our wives to go along with that!”

4. “If those guys on the picket line wanna be outraged about something, they should be angry about Dennis Rodman getting into the Hall of Fame! I mean, the guy hardly ever shot and he wore a dress!”

3. “This strike gave me a nice opportunity to catch up on my leisure activities …. ah, sail-fishing, there ain’t nothing like it!”

2. “I know a coupla tough guys in Brooklyn who coulda settled this strike REAL QUICK.”

1. “I wonder if this is a good time to announce I’m getting a big raise next year?”